Best agents to play on Ascent

Here are the best Valorant agents to play on Ascent in Episode 4

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s fan-favorite map Ascent isn’t easy to tackle. These agents might help you win games in this large scenic location.             

Ascent is pegged as Valorant’s best map so far. The cut-throat site has a classic FPS map design that sets it apart from other locations. Ascent’s pleasant visuals don’t make it any easier for the players. Thanks to its large size and vast middle area, it’s one of the most challenging maps to play.

Lukily there are some agents that can boost your win rate on Ascent.

Best agents to play on Ascent

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Ascent’s extended entryways and expansive sites allow almost all agents to shine. But a few specialize in tackling the unique site comprised of automatic doors and vast middle. Here are the best agents to play on Ascent. 

1- Astra/Omen

Both the agents are viable on Ascent to block out entries throughout the round. Unlike other controllers, Astra and Omen’s smokes have a long deploy range, allowing an excellent map impact. 

Omen can cast his long-lasting shadow sphere at any range and altitude position. His large globes of smokes also get restocked after 40 seconds, making him the best controller pick on Ascent. Astra’s stars also have no limitation, allowing her to block risky points for teammates across the map. 

2- Jett

The agility hero is S-tier on almost all Valorant maps, with Ascent being no exception. The map is crammed with tall boxes and elevated areas that provide Jett a vantage point to shoot down enemies. The wind-ranger can execute mind-boggling plays using the Radianite boxes and her dashes. Her crisp knives also shine on this map as they require crisp aim and one-tap potential in long-range. 

3- Killjoy

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A Sentinel is a must to secure backlines on Ascent. It’s pretty easy for defenders to execute flanks due to the map’s size, but Killjoy can remedy it. The jolly genius has a cute robot that can help keep enemies at bay while you try to pick aggressive fights. In defense, she becomes a menace as breaking her bot is a task in itself. Her Nanoswarms also do a great job of buying time, so your teammates can quickly rotate and lock down the site. 

4- Sova

Sova is a game-changer on all maps that have plenty of sky openings. Ascent seems to have many open spaces and broken ceilings that allow Sova to send his intel darts. Entering Ascent’s B site becomes impossible if enemy Sova is fluent with lineups. The darts are capable of damaging multiple enemies jammed in the narrow entrance. 

5- Sage

A healer is a must in all maps, but Sage is the medic on Ascent. She can put down creative walls that allow her to ambush enemies when they least expect it. Ascent is likely the only map that will enable Sage to play in a balanced style. She doesn’t need to push like a duelist to get kills, and she’s not precisely forced into “pocket Sage” style by being the sole healer.