Here are odds of getting the TI10 Collector’s Cache Mirana skin

Neslyn Apduhan • July 26, 23:56

There are a few days left to buy The International 10 Collector’s Cache and get the ultra rare Mirana set.

The question is, what are the odds of getting Mirana’s Spirit of the Sacred Grove? Unlike previous treasures, Valve has released definitive odds for the TI10 Collector’s Cache, giving a definite idea of how many they need to purchase to get the top prize.  

Players have approximately a 3% chance of earning Mirana’s ultra rare set after buying 15 treasures. Most players tend to buy 15 treasures to unlock all the normal sets and earn 36,000 Battle Pass points.

If one is aiming for the Mirana set, odds are maximized after opening 50 treasures, with each individual treasure having a one in 17 chance of containing the skin. Players have a 64% chance of getting the Ultra Rare set by opening 50 treasures. 90% of players who open 65 chests will receive the set.

Of course, it doesn’t actually take 65 chests to get the Spirit of the Sacred Grove skin. Players can open just one Collector’s Cache and pull the skin, if they’re lucky enough.

The ideal practice here is to not buy the treasure in bulk. Buying the first 15 treasures is understandable, as it ensures getting all the common skins and the maximum BP reward. Buying one or two treasures past that might sound inconvenient, but this will help players avoid having stacks of extra caches after pulling Mirana’s set. 

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Spirit of the Sacred Grove Mount compared to Axia of Metira

Mirana’s Spirit of the Sacred Grove Mount was immediately compared to Axia of Metira, a high-quality mount skin for Mirana that has long been one of the most expensive cosmetics for the hero. Which one looks better? It all boils down to preference.

Axia of Metira - Dota 2 Wiki

Axia of Metira is a highly coveted Mirana mount but it comes with a hefty price tag. The item currently costs $88 in the market. This is equivalent to three Arcanas.

It’s hard to tell which one is more expensive. Spirit of the Sacred Grove Mount might cost less than Axia of Metira. if the odds favored the player.

However, buying 50 Collector’s Cache treasures will cost $125 which is way more expensive than the Axia of Metira.


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