Here are Amazon Prime Gaming LoL rewards for May

By Nicholas James


Apr 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for May are here, here’s how you can receive the rewards as well as what to expect.

Amazon Prime and Riot Games have several ongoing collaborations in which subscribing to Amazon’s premium subscription service gives the player several free rewards in the game every month. Some fans were worried that Prime Gaming rewards were going away in League of Legends after January’s rewards seemed to be the final planned installment, but the rewards program is staying strong into the new year.

Amazon Prime May LoL rewards

The Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for May in League of Legends are different than they were before each month. The capsule now offers 350 Riot Points, 200 Orange Essence, a guaranteed Epic or better skin, a Champion Permanent, a 30-day XP boost, as well as champion shards and Eternals. There are Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for many games and many Riot Games titles as well. This monthly package should be especially tempting to new players, whose Blue Essence cost to acquire a complete collection drops substantially when being given even more champion shards than usual.

If you’re already subscribed to Amazon Prime and play League of Legends, there’s no reason not to collect the monthly rewards. If you’re not usually tempted by skins, Prime Gaming Rewards offer an easy way to get ahead on Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and even Eternals is an offer that’s often too good to pass up. Other Riot Games titles like Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift also offer monthly free rewards.

Even if you already own all the champions, the Champion Permanent is a free way to unlock a champion once they come around. So players looking forwards to Naafiri can simply use the Champion Permanent to pick her up for free when she eventually arrives.


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