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Will Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for LoL end in 2023?

By Nicholas James


Dec 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for League of Legends have been great for LoL players to get free rewards with their Prime membership, but are they going away in 2023?

Amazon Prime Gaming offers monthly rewards to players of a variety of games who have connected their accounts to their Amazon Prime membership. The monthly League of Legends rewards offered by the company were part of this program, giving a free boost of RP, skins, champion shards, and even Mythic Essence every month to qualifying players.

However, the current calendar of Prime Gaming capsules ends after January, are they going away in 2023?

Are Amazon Prime Gaming rewards ending for LoL?

Throughout the last year, there have been Prime Gaming capsules for League of Legends players that can be claimed through the Prime Gaming website by connecting your Riot Games account to your Prime Gaming account. These capsules have included Eternals, Skin Permanents, Champion Shards, and Mythic Essence.

However, the last of these monthly capsules expires on January 27, with no further capsules showing up on Prime Gaming’s schedule.

League of Legends fans have noticed this and taken to social media platforms like Reddit to express their disappointment that the continuation of this program hasn’t yet been announced. It seems unlikely that Prime Gaming would let its rewards program for the biggest video game in the world go away, but it’s the success of that program to Prime Gaming that will determine whether or not it continues.

While it may be unlikely, with no official continuation announced, invested fans should temper their expectations and prepare as though it is going to be shuttered entirely.

It’s also possible that Prime Gaming will continue the rewards problem, but shutter the capsule program. Previously, Prime Gaming rewards were individual skins rather than a capsule with multiple rewards. While the capsule rewards program may be discontinued, it’s possible that rewards will continue, simply in another form.


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