HenryG responds to allegations of abuse as accusations continue

By Olivia Richman


Jun 23, 2020

Reading time: 7 min

Prominent streamers, espots personalities, and content creators have been accused of sexual assault, harassment, and rape over the last few days. Some of the men admitted to their wrongdoings in lengthy apologies, while others have denied the alegations. 

One of the more prominent esports professionals to be so accused was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster and analyst Henry “HenryG” Greer. His former girlfriend wrote a TwitLonger outlining alleged mental, verbal, and sexual abuse during their relationship. 

His ex, Kelly Jean, explained that she came forward with the accusations in hopes of saving other women from enduring his behavior while also hoping that the public accusation would force HenryG to reflect on his actions and change. 

Instead, HenryG has come forward in his own defense. He stated that he did some things he “deeply regretted” during a “toxic and destructive” two-year relationship, but insisted that he never sexually or physically abused Jean or anyone else. 

HenryG states he never assaulted Jean

In Jean’s TwitLonger confession, she explained in detail how she had smoked too much weed and started to feel unwell at HenryG’s house. After turning down sexual advances from HenryG, the caster still initiated intercourse that was “incredibly painful.” Jean stated that she was too high to consent and had explicity not consented on that night. 

HenryG’s take on the night was completely different. He stated that Jean agreed to meet him after they both celebrated New Year’s Eve seperately. She came to his house to smoke and then she initiated sex. During sex, Jean started to feel unwell so he said they both stopped. He kept an eye on her all night as she continued to feel sick. 

“In the following weeks she never mentioned anything to me about this night and we continued our on/off relationship. Soon I had come to realize the relationship had no future – Kelly and I would argue often – and I explained that we should end things. I will openly admit to being guilty of being a poor boyfriend, especially during my heavy travel and work schedule,” HenryG said. 

He then claimed that “New Year’s Eve became a focal incident in her mind” as they started to break up. While he admitted that the night might have been “scary” for her, HenryG explained that they both agreed that rape didn’t take place. He then shared a screenshot of them talking on WhatsApp about the incident, although no date or names are shown in the screengrab. 

HenryG rape accusation

“I was aware that Kelly has suffered trauma related to incidents from a previous relationship as we were very open during our time together. Therefore, it is absolutely understandable that she may have experienced trauma in connection with the events of New Year’s Eve. However, what happened between us was consensual, and ended when she decided she did not want to continue,” HenryG explained. 

HenryG accuses his ex of abusive behavior instead

After clearing up his side of the NYE accusations, HenryG decided to discuss some of Jean’s alleged toxic behavior, just as she had done to him in her own TwitLonger. 

HenryG claimed that on May 28, 2020, Jean showed up uninvited to his home and then attempted to force herself into the property to “talk about our relationship” even though he states that they broke up in August of 2018. She brought a friend with her “in case anything happened,” which was the friend HenryG believes she accused him of “threatening” in her TwitLonger. HenryG admitted to having some “choice words” with him. 

HenryG abuse accusations ex gf

Despite her sudden arrival, HenryG agreed to meeting with Jean since she was “clearly in distress.” In the end, HenryG stated that they had a “difficult but necessary conversation” that helped him understand some of the mistakes he had made during the relationship. Again, HenryG insisted that no assault allegations were made at the time. In the end, they both decided to go their seperate ways. 

HenryG assault rape accusations

Even though HenryG thought they came to an agreement to permanently end contact, he claims Jean has “continued to persistently contact” his partner, family, and coworkers. He also accused her of creating “multiple social media accounts” to keep contacting him. He stated that she decided to come forward with the allegations when he blocked her. 

“In the past two years, I have lived under the threat of Kelly divulging details – whether true or not – of our relationship. As previously mentioned, I was not able to be the perfect partner during our time together, but I was not an abusive one,” HenryG insisted. 

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HenryG also accused Jean of harassing him through social media.

In the end, HenryG concluded that he stands in support with the women who came forward with stories of sexual harassment and abuse in the gaming industry and beyond. He also said he will not be commenting on the matter any further and will instead “place [his] trust” in the CSGO community in hopes that it would “recognize the truth for what it is.” 

“I hope I will still continue to be part of [the community],” HenryG said. 

His followers and members of the CSGO community reacted with support after his long confession. Many said he “dodged a bullet” by leaving the relationship, while others expressed relief that he had proof on his end. Others corroborated that he had discussed the toxic relationship with Jean in the past. Some stated that they hoped he wouldn’t lose any job opportunities over the situation, calling Jean “clingly” and “unstable.” 

Jean responds to HenryG’s accusations, calls him a liar

Once Jean heard that HenryG had written a response to her accusations, she immediately responded with more tweets disupting some of his claims. She explained that she had hadn’t previously called what happened on NYE “rape” since she had trouble accepting that it was an assault. But even if she had consented, which she states she didn’t, she insisted that she was “too high to consent.” 

“The fact that he’s using my messages not accepting it as rape to be some kind of counter when I never called it that in my Lwitlonger either, is mindboggling,” Jean tweeted. 

Jean stated that HenryG didn’t fully address his verbal and mental abuse by stating he “never abused her.” To her, it seemed like HenryG was unaware of the fact that he had abused her. 

“Me accepting apologies to him being shitty to me doesn’t mean that those things are okay? What planet is this. All it means is I was conditioned to feel bad for him and I routinely accepted apologies. I apologized frequently too, for things I shouldn’t have had to,” she tweeted. 

Jean also stated that she never threatened to make things public on Twitter. Instead, she said it was HenryG who was abusive and controlling about Twitter, often telling her to delete tweets that she had made. 

Jean then addressed HenryG’s accusations that she’d shown up randomly to his home and “forced” her way in. She said this was false and that she had a witness to prove it.

Jean also noted that she has never contacted his colleagues or friends.

“He’s also gotten his partner to block me everywhere so presumably he is controlling her now too. I’m honestly worried for her, multiple women have come to me with stories of how he was to them or others. He can’t hide from them all. If I have to post more screenshots I will,” Jean continued.

She went on to say that she would make a second TwitLonger to address the “inaccuracies” in detail.