HenryG’s ex accuses him of verbal, mental, and sexual abuse

By Olivia Richman


Jun 21, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster and analyst Henry “HenryG” Greer has been accused of abusing and raping his ex-girlfriend. 

Kelly Jean posted a lengthy TwitLonger outlining the abuse she endured while dating HenryG, explaining that she is hoping it will help vulnerable women avoid dating someone with a history of abuse. 

According to Jean, she started to feel unwell after smoking weed at a party on New Year’s Eve. After expressing her discomfort to HenryG at his house, he still attempted to initiate intercourse. Despite turning him down multiple times, HenryG started to have sex with her, which was “incredibly painful” and even made her bleed. In response, Jean ran to the bathroom in a panic. 

“SOMEONE WHO IS TOO HIGH CAN NOT CONSENT. I ALSO SPECIFICALLY DID NOT CONSENT ANYWAY. This is against the law in a lot of countries for good reason. What he did was wrong and an incredibly selfish decision that has had a pretty profound psychological impact on me,” Jean stated in the TwitLonger. 

Jean also said that she never sent HenryG text messages asking to have sex beforehand, something HenryG does claimed happened. She then shared a screenshot of them talking on Twitter, where he apologizes for his behavior that night. 

“For those that might wonder why I didn’t speak out right away, I repressed it under the thought process that I was sure he cared about me. We met three times after in January/February. We did not have sex again and when he tried to initiate it and broke clear boundaries I had established, I nearly burst into tears. The last time I saw him, I also sat in the landing crying. I wasn’t even sure why I was crying. I know why now,” Jean said. 

HenryG’s ex outlines continuous abusive behavior

After explaining the traumatic situation on New Year’s Eve, Jean then decided to outline his other abusive behavior during their relationship. She accused him of sleeping with a lot of women without protection and then not being honest with her about the exact number of women, “knowingly putting my sexual health at risk on more than one occassion.” 

Jean then said that HenryG has admitted to being a narcissist, cheating on her and previous partners, and even asking to get with her again while already dating someone new, which she only found out from mutual friends later on. She then outlined his verbal and emotional abuses, including repeatedly calling her names and discrediting her feelings. On some occasions, HenryG would also allegedly tell Jean that she had “mental health issues” and was “crazy.” HenryG would also blame her for his lying about where he was, what he was doing, or who he was with. 

In some cases, the alleged abuse also turned verbal while in public. 

“He shouted at me (and this would happen over a fair length of time) several times in public (more so privately but I’m giving the public examples as there were witnesses to most), including his mother’s birthday for ‘not being affectionate enough.’ In Cancun because he ‘thought I would destroy his phone’ (I have never once destroyed or threatened to destroy someones property). In a casino after Eurogamer (because out of curiosity I asked why he hadn’t mentioned someone was going to be there and he went ballistic so I had to get him to leave),” Jean said. 

At the end of her TwitLonger confession, Jean told HenryG to seek professional therapy instead of relying on the women in his life to take care of him. 

“Stop being shitty and hurting women,” she demanded. 

In the end, Jean explained that she only made his abuse public because he never showed her kindness or a willingness to change. The last conversation they had, Jean said, was HenryG insulting her for two hours and then blocking her. He also “threatened physical violence” on one of her friends that he believed was into her. Jean stated that she gave him over two weeks to “reflect and apologize,” but that it still hasn’t happened. 

“I gave him ample time (over two weeks) to reflect and apologize. He has not and so I do not believe he has changed positively at all. I hope he will, but he won’t if he isn’t held accountable. Thank you to the other women in the industry and connected communities that have told their stories recently. Without your bravery I wouldn’t have been able to tell mine,” Jean concluded. 

The CSGO community responds to Jean’s accusations

After sharing the TwitLonger, Jean tweeted a follow up that it had been “absolutely terrifying” for her to come forward with the accusations. She then stated that she didn’t want people to harass HenryG in response to her TwitLonger post. 

“I just want him to change,” she tweeted. 

Some people immediately came to HenryG’s aid, accusing Jean of attempting to sabatoge his career. 

Most of the responses to her original Tweet were focused on her courage and bravery, as it can be very hard for abuse victims to speak out against their abusers. 

While Jean has been getting a lot of support from the esports industry as a whole, she admitted that she has been exhausted and distracted while dealing with the abuse and with her decision to reveal it to her followers. 

HenryG has yet to make a statement regarding the situation.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse and needs help or someone to talk to, reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline


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