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HasanAbi says he is sick of “deranged” trolls, may leave Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Nov 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Political Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker said in a recent live broadcast that he was thinking of quitting Twitch for some time due to ongoing harassment.

HasanAbi opened up to fans about the situation on October 28, telling them that it was something he had been thinking about for a while. HasanAbi admitted that it “doesn’t feel good” when he streams thanks to trolls and his family being both doxxed and swatted.


HasanAbi explains why he wants to quit Twitch streaming

Fans seemed quite shocked at HasanAbi’s seemingly sudden decision to potentially leave Twitch. But HasanAbi explained that he had been dealing with harassment for a while, even showing screenshots of hate he keeps getting from viewers.

“I’m constantly f–king stressed out. It’s disrupted my sleep cycle. I can’t even be f–king honest with my own community for a single moment. It’s like everything I say can and will be used against me,” HasanAbi said. “I feel like I’m going crazy.”

The harassment and hate have caused HasanAbi to feel constantly “on the defensive.” He said he “blows up on people” regularly, knowing that everything he says and does on social media will be analyzed extensively.

HasanAbi made it clear that blocking people isn’t enough. His stream has started to feel like it’s being “invaded.” Every time he bans someone, “there are 20 others to take their place.” This has made his streams unenjoyable, making him feel negatively about his broadcasts and the chat.

But it hasn’t only been harassment on stream. HasanAbi revealed that he’s been getting doxxed and swatted as well.

“They’re harassing my family members. That’s what the f— is going on behind the scenes all the god damn time. I’m sick and tired of it, dude,” HasanAbi ranted.

In response to his emotional stream, fans agreed that HasanAbi should take a break from streaming. Some felt that it was “deserved,” while others noted it would help him recharge. HasanAbi has always been a popular personality thanks to his strong political opinions and his job as a host of Young Turks. But HasanAbi has been in the spotlight even more in the past few months thanks to his new mansion and podcast with Ethan Klein.

HasanAbi said that he often sees people calling him “evil,” judging him for his money and what he does with it. HasanAbi admitted he is lucky and “profoundly privileged,” but the behind-the-scenes drama and chat harassments are “destroying” his mental health.

At the time of this writing, HasanAbi hasn’t made any other comments about his negative experiences with Twitch streaming. His channel is currently up and it’s unclear if he will take a break in the near future.


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