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H3H3 and HasanAbi team up for new Leftovers political podcast

By Olivia Richman


Sep 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After Ethan “H3H3” Klein lost Trisha Paytas as a co-host for the controversial “Frenemies” podcast, fans were wondering what would happen next for the YouTuber turned podcaster. Now, H3H3 has announced a co-host for a new political podcast, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker.

HasanAbi was recently announced as co-host of “Leftovers.” The first episode came out today, with H3H3 discussing the content for the new podcast. It will focus on politics and current social issues, something that HasanAbi is perfect for. The political streamer has also worked for The Young Turks.

HasanAbi joins H3H3 on Leftovers podcast

H3H3 discussed the concept behind Leftovers on the first episode. According to the YouTuber, the name is derived from H3H3 and HasanAbi being “lefties.”

“And nobody likes politics so it’s like the leftover content,” H3H3 added.

Well, not nobody. HasanAbi has been a political content creator for a while. H3H3 explained that he “appreciates so much” about HasanAbi. He noted that the streamer made politics “popular and cool.” HasanAbi has become a force across social media, often hitting news pundits with devastating ratios.

The first episode covered a wide variety of topics including Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former United States President Donald Trump. They also called out anti-vaxxers. These are clearly controversial topics but H3H3 is embracing this. He admitted that many fans told him they didn’t want to hear him talk about politics. Of course, he responded by making an entire show about it.

“The spirit of this show is not serious policy debate. It’s bringing righteous justice to these s— bags and clowning on idiots,” H3H3 said.

The new podcast is likely a welcome change of pace for H3H3. The content creator has been in the middle of an ugly breakup with his former Frenemies podcast. Paytas accused H3H3 of sending a hate mob after her in response to their split, something he has strongly denied.