Halo Season 2 hopes to be faithful to the game

By Olivia Richman


Feb 5, 2024

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The live-action television series based on the Halo video game franchise was met with negative feedback from gamers. Now, the show is looking to be more similar to the Halo video games for Season 2.

Paramount+ released the first season of Halo back in 2022, and fans were not happy with it. Many felt it focused too much on drama rather than the action and conflict behind the lore of the Halo video game series. It was also difficult to get people to like the new version of Master Chief since he was such a familiar video game icon full of nostalgia for gamers.

Showrunner David Wiener and Xbox head of IP expansion Kiki Wolfkill recently told Game Informer that Season 2 will be taken in a completely different direction.

Halo Season 2 changing directions after backlash

Long-time fans of Halo were not pleased with Season 1, and the team behind the show has allegedly heard the feedback loud and clear. Now, Season 2 is taking the Halo series in a completely different direction to make it more faithful to the game itself.

“I think in terms of feeling more Halo, we spent so much time figuring out how to make a Halo show, and now we’re very much about how do we really craft this Halo story and incredible story that David’s written, and how do we make it have that sort of visceral feel and intensity that those Halo stories are about, right?” Wolfkill said.

“And how do we have every piece of it feel much more real? I think we did some great visual world-building in Season 1. I think with Season 2, it all comes together, so you really feel you’re in it versus seeing pieces of it.”

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One way to change the direction was by bringing on Wiener, who decided to change the tone of Halo in Season 2. He explained that the show is more “gritty” and will give gamers a glimpse into the “immediate circumstances” of the conflict, hinting at more action.

“David brought incredibly strong underpinnings, which was a critical thing for us for Season 2, both in how he wanted to tell the story, but also in the writing and characterization itself,” Wolfkill said. “That was something we’re really committed to being able to deliver in Season 2 on top of the tonal changes and getting back to some things that feel more Halo in their focus in terms of that groundedness.”

This coincides with what actor Joseph Morgan told Kotaku earlier this week. He said: “[Wiener] had a grittier, grimier vision for the show, a little more faithful to the canon. I’m excited to be a part of that new vision. I feel really blessed to be a part of that. And you know, just being such a fan of the games, I grew up playing them, and that world was such a part of my teenage years and my twenties, so it was a thrill to be on those sets.”

According to Game Informer, however, Master Chief still takes off his helmet quite often. They also reported that the first two episodes of Season 2 feel weighed down with world-building and more drama. Hopefully, things pick up, but fans may be disappointed.


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