Guardians of the Galaxy skins leaked by Fortnite data miners

By Olivia Richman


Apr 29, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Fortnite fans can’t stop leaking updates. 

Fortnite data miners recently posted screenshots of their latest discoveries. After searching through the game’s files, the data miners uncovered possible Guardians of the Galaxy skins. In response to the initial research, fellow data miners revealed further screenshots that appeared to prove that the first cosmetic pack would revolve around Star Lord. This leak also includes a possible audio pack as well, titled “Star Lord’s perfect distraction.” 

Inspired by the leaks, one Twitter user posted a potential Star Lord skin based on the data miners’ information. 

While data miners seem to be hard at work since Fortnite’s Avengers: End Game mashup was announced, developer Epic Games has not made any official confirmation of the new upcoming content. In fact, the game mode itself was data mined before its release, and the patch proved these hackers to be spot on in their investigation. 

So far, the only Avengers-themed rewards available for people who complete the new challenge are Black Widow’s outfit and pickaxe. 

The recent data miner reveal included a few other files as well. Interstellar and Broken Light were referenced in the game’s files, which would suggest even more potential new cosmetic options coming to the game.