Fortnite patch adds new Avengers Endgame game mode and more

By Olivia Richman


Apr 25, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Marvel hero costumes, items, and a new game mode are now available after Fortnite’s most recent update. 

The Avengers Endgame event features Thanos invading the battle royale island in search of the six Infinity Stones. The opposing hero team will attempt to wipe out the Chitauri forces and ultimately take down Thanos. 

On the villains’ side, the first Chitauri to recover one of the Infinity Stones hidden throughout the map will transform into Thanos. And with every gathered Infinity Stone, the Chitauri grow stronger. The red Reality Stone doubles health and shields to 2,000. The orange Soul Stone activates Siphon, granting Thanos additional shields. The yellow Mind Stone doubles jump height, while the blue Space Stone triples the ground pound area of effect size and increases damage six-fold. The green Time Stone creates a big knockback to each hit, doing three times the normal amount of damage. Finally, the purple Power Stone makes lasers do six times more damage. 

Meanwhile, the hero team will be led to a powerful Avengers item, one of many scattered throughout the island. With these tools they will attempt to stop the power-hungry villains. 

By completing this challenge, players can unlock Avengers-themed rewards, including new costumes. A Black Widow outfit, along with Widow’s Back Pack Bling and the Widow’s Bite pickaxe, were recently announced. 

Patch 8.50 was leaked by data miners a few weeks ago. Fortnite players already knew the event was coming, but they could only speculate on the patch’s specifics based on a deep dive into Fortnite’s game files. had uncovered a new death feed line that hinted at the return of last year’s Infinity Gauntlet mode: “Yielded to the POWER of Thanos.”

Last year’s Infinity Gauntlet game mode had players scrambling to become Thanos by finding the Infinity Gauntlet. This gave them insane powers until their eventual death. But gamers felt there would be something new in this patch’s version, thanks to Epic’s use of Captain America’s shield in promoting the event. It was speculated that there would be new characters added to the mix, or new items related to the Avengers. 

They weren’t far off. 

Fortnite’s newest update is now live on all platforms, while Avengers Endgame premiers in theaters tonight. 


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