Get paid for playing Fortnite with Drop-In Gaming tournaments

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Every Fortnite player’s dream is to get paid cold hard cash for their skills, and Drop-In Gaming tournaments are a chance to turn that dream into reality.

Online tournament host Drop-In Gaming is hosting paid Fortnite events for gamers on the rise. Top-performing players can earn hundreds of dollars by placing highly in solos, duos, and team events. Drop-In also hosts free contests for aspiring players looking to gain tournament experience. These tournaments and more can be found on Drop-In Gaming, so always check the site to find more paid esports tournaments.

Drop-In Fortnite tournaments include both paid and free options. Hot Drop Time is a solo kill race played over one hour with a $140 prize pool. Confident players should also check out Epic Gamer, which uses the same ruleset but features double the prize pool. In both events, players compete to earn as many kills as possible with additional points for finishing in the top five. The top three players of each event get a cash payout. Each of these ongoing events repeats, so there are plenty of jumping-on points for aspiring Fortnite players.

If you’re just dipping your toes into competitive Fortnite, Drop-In Gaming also hosts free Solo Kill Race events. These events do not feature a prize pool, but it’s still a great way to get familiar with Fortnite tournaments and the reporting process for scores. 

Drop-In Gaming hosts free and paid esports events every week. The events outlined above are just a small taste of dozens of tournaments available on the platform. Anyone willing to pay a small entry cost can participate, making Drop-In Gaming a great platform for players looking to go pro. Be sure to check out Drop-In Gaming for more paid and free gaming tournaments.

How to sign up for Drop-In Gaming paid Fortnite tournaments

To sign up for Hot Drop Time, Epic Gamer, and all future Drop-In Fortnite tournaments, players will need to set up an account and a payment option. The same card or payment service used for buy-ins can also be used to accept prizes. These tournaments are solo, but some Drop-In tournaments require a team. In those cases, players will need to sign up together.

Fortnite skin contest
Source: Epic Games

As for reporting scores, players will need to stream their matches on the platform of their choice. Once the tournament is over, players must submit a screenshot showing their scores along with a link to the stream video for verification. After Drop-In staff verifies all scores, the prizes will be automatically sent to the top three. Free tournaments still require players to stream to earn their bragging rights. 

Drop-In Gaming is a premier esports tournament host that offers paid tournaments for Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and more. The site is always announcing new paid esports tournaments, so check back often to find new paid Fortnite tournaments to join.


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