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Are you ready to compete in paid Rocket League tournaments?

by | Mar 29, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Feeling confident about your abilities in Rocket League? You can get paid for your Rocket League skills with Drop-In tournaments featuring real cash prizes.

Drop-In Gaming is hosting another round of Rocket League tournaments open to the public with cash prizes. Aspiring esports pro players and casual gamers alike can use this event to either kickstart a career in Rocket League or just earn some cash rewards for their top skills. In addition to paid tournaments with real cash prizes, Drop-In is also hosting free-for-all events open to all ranks that can help you acclimate to competing in Rocket League tournaments.

Drop-In is a rising esports tournament host that features paid and free tournaments with real cash prizes available in its paid outings. The site covers a massive variety of games including battle royales, MOBAs, first-person shooters, and more. Its free Rocket League events are free to enter and cover all ranks, while the paid events have $268.80 up for grabs in each tournament. Players can connect to the event using crossplay from any platform. The latest round of cash prize Rocket League tournaments starts on April 2.

Paid Rocket League tournaments with cash prizes

The first such event on this schedule is a North American exclusive and is limited to platinum-ranked players only. It’s a 2v2 event with $3 entry fee and almost $270 available in cash prizes. Diamond and champion players are not allowed to enter. This makes the event perfect for dedicated but inexperienced players looking to make a name for themselves in a competitive atmosphere.

Rocket League players in Europe can look forward to their own cash prize tournament on the same day. Drop-In is providing a $268.80 prize pool for another 2v2 event on April 2. This tournament is open to players of all skill levels ranging from bronze to grand champion. The championship prize is $86, a sizable chunk of money for a smaller Rocket League tournament like this one.

Finally, Drop-In Gaming also hosts 1v1 events for players who prefer to fly solo. These events are open to all ranks. Unlike the tournaments above, these events does not feature a cash prizes, with only bragging rights up for grabs. It’s also completely free to enter, making it ideal of players who want to see how they fare in a real competition before buying into tournaments with real cash prizes. Head to Drop-In Gaming now to sign up for this free Rocket League tournament.

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