The best paid and free Apex Legends tournaments are at Drop-In

By Kenneth Williams


May 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Drop-In Gaming’s new $315 Apex Legends tournament is the perfect way to kickstart an esports career, or just make a few dollars off of your in-game skills.

Apex Legends esports is growing rapidly, with top players earning hundreds of thousands in prize money. Tons of players are interested in starting their own competitive journey, but it’s difficult to find paid Apex Legends tournaments open to the public. Drop-in Gaming is solving that problem with a series of paid and free events that anyone can join.

The competitive gaming tournament platform has a variety of events up for grabs, including some boasting paid prize pools. The paid option features a $3 buy-in with payout for the top three teams on May 22. Drop-In is also hosting a free solo kill race tournament for aspiring Apex Legends players to get some tournament experience.

The paid Apex Legends tournament will pay out a real-money prize to the top three finishers. As a kill race, players from all over the world can compete. There are no restrictions on platform either, so console and PC players alike are welcome to join. The same is true for the free solo kill race, which doesn’t have a prize pool but also doesn’t require teammates. 

How to join Drop-In Gaming paid Apex Legends tournaments

To join the paid or free Apex Legend tournament, players must first create an account for Drop-In Gaming. From there, there are two events to sign up for.

To prove their scores, players must start matches at a specific time and play until the end of the time limit. Competitors must then submit screenshots of their scores along with a codeword given to them at the start of the event. After submitting them, Drop-In Gaming will verify the screenshots and announce the top three winners shortly after the events conclude. 

As for scoring, both tournaments are kill races. This means that players will attempt to score as many kills as possible in a certain game mode. Winning the match doesn’t affect scoring. One player from each team will also be required to stream to verify gameplay and ensure fair play. In the solo event, the player must stream themselves on the platform of their choice. 

If you can sign up, stream, and score tons of kills, Drop-In Gaming Apex Legends tournaments are the perfect way to get paid for your skills.