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Get a taste of Ion 2.0 Valorant skins with this fan-made Sheriff

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games recently surprised everyone by releasing Reaver 2.0 skins, renewing hope among the fans of the Ion bundle. One fan showed how an Ion 2.0 release might look.

During the two years of Valorant’s existence, Riot Games has dropped more than 30 skin bundles. Some collections hit the mark, becoming a staple in player inventories. Reaver, Glitchpop, Champions, RGX, and Ion are a few skin lines to name that remain popular and memorable. For this reason, Riot rolled out sequels. Following Reaver 2.0, players are now hoping for Ion to return. 

The Ion bundle stands out for having zero variants. It’s stark white with a blue ball of energy in the middle. Players wishing for a sequel aren’t precisely hoping for the impossible since the skins remain distinctive and popular without the bells and whistles that sometimes come with Valorant skins. A player has designed his own version of what this might look like, and it’s certainly eye-catching. 

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Fan recreates Ion Valorant skin in matte black

Ion is a unique skin in Valorant as it has no variants. Its sharp white tone and blue ball make a statement. Players have long been requesting Riot add another bundle to the game, to no avail. However, this new fan-made remake of Ion 2.0 may even convince the developer to create a sequel of the popular weapons. 

Reyconno’s Ion Sherrif has a matte finish with its machinery highlighted in electric blue. The muzzle has small blue details, whereas the signature Ion blue burns bright in the center. It’s an exact copy of the original white Ion, with a contrasting color scheme. While this version was well-received, players recommended a red variant for the Sheriff. 

Whatever the case, Valorant players are still not pleased that Riot didn’t add variants to Ion skins. The smooth and minimalist design has made them highly popular skins in Valorant. Some fans do lament the lack of variants, though. 

Iit won’t be surprising if Ion is Riot’s next pick for a sequel bundle in Valorant. Almost all popular skins have received a follow-up except Sovereign and Ion. The latter is more likely to make the cut.