Kohaku & Matsuba

Get a 1st look at Valorant’s new Kohaku and Matsuba bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s another aquarium-themed bundle in Valorant for fans of minimalist skins, with the Kohaku & Matsuba collection featuring tiny fishes on nondescript weapons. 

Most Valorant skins have recently been about over-the-top VFX, animations, and other flexes that may not sit right with all players. Some skin collectors are all about the Sakura, Wasteland, and Minima bundles, simple skins that add boldness to the inventory without being loud. The recent addition of Champions 2022 Phantom and melee was anything but understated, but Riot Games has rolled out something for the fans of simpler designs. 

Kohaku & Matsuba is a simple skin collection that has an attractive melee. The body of the gun is plain with koi stamped across it.

Kohaku and Matsuba skins bundle unveiled in Valorant

Kohaku & Matsuba

While the Kohaku & Matsuba collection is surely a sight for sore eyes, it’s still a bummer for Vandal players. Since Riot has recently been fixated on Phantom, fans were expecting a Vandal skin in the upcoming collection. However, the latest Kohaku & Matsuba will instead bring another brand new skin for Phantom. Riot may be cooking something special for the other primary rifle, so players will have to make do for now. 

The Kohaku & Matsuba collection is cute, but it lacks the trimmings of other skins Riot has recently rolled out. There are no frills attached to the guns’ sound elements or finisher. Instead, they are pretty similar to the simple Sakura collection. The dual-tone skins are plastered with gold fishes that come in dark brown and light blue variants. Both models are attractive to those looking for colorful yet understated guns. 

The knife in this collection is the complete opposite of the weapon. The Kohaku & Matsuba melee is a handheld fan with similar fishes swimming across the petals. It also comes in two dark and light variants to suit different maps or agents. It’s extravagant and looks quite similar to the celestial fan, minus the gold tones.

The Kohaku & Matsuba collection includes weapons for:

  • Phantom
  • Operator 
  • Classic
  • Judge
  • Melee

How much does Kohaku & Matsuba bundle costs?

The official rates of the bundle are unknown, but it’d likely cost somewhere around 7,100 Valorant points. The simple collection might get released in the Standard Premium collection, meaning the fan melee may cost 3,550 VP.