GeorgeNotFound allegations

GeorgeNotFound responds to sexual assault allegations

By Olivia Richman


Mar 12, 2024

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Minecraft streamer George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson has responded to some serious sexual assault allegations.

On March 9, Twitch streamer Caitibugzz revealed that she was sexually assaulted by GeorgeNotFound in the summer of 2023. He wasn’t directly named at the time, but fans put together that it was George who allegedly “slipped his hand under her clothes” due to his “weird tickling kink.”

GeorgeNotFound responded that he would discuss the allegations at a later time but was currently “gathering all the information and evidence” to support his side of the story. He did add, however, that he never would sexually assault someone.

Caitibugzz later confirmed that it was George, saying that she also had “screen recordings” of everything she needed. She said that George was “scared” and “scrambling” because he knew the truth.

“I’m not scared anymore,” she said.

GeorgeNotFound responds to sexual assault accusations

On March 11, GeorgeNotFound released a full response to Caitibugzz’s allegations. The pre-recorded video explained that George and Caiti met in Dream’s hotel room at VidCon. He noted that she had been wearing a wristband from an afterparty that made her appear to be over 21.

George said: “I am with people that are over the age of 21, in a scenario where we’re doing things that people over the age of 21 are doing, like drinking. Also, the people who came came from an event where they had very heavy security. This was an official VidCon after-party, and with previous VidCon after-parties, I even had trouble getting into these events.”

He added that he never heard Caiti say that she was 18 and a virgin. He did recall, however, that she was allegedly already drunk before meeting up with him.

In the same video, GeorgeNotFound admitted that he put his hand on Caiti’s waist under her shirt. He explained, however, that this was due to them being intimate with each other all night, including cuddling for hours.

George explained: “It was also about half an hour till I started moving my hand further up. And the way it’s phrased makes it seem like it happened pretty instantly and pretty quickly. There was nothing quick about it. It was very slow, and I was very cautious about it in making sure she was comfortable throughout the process. Me and Caiti were very touchy, very cuddly, and very slowly got more intimate.”

Caitibugzz responded to George’s pre-recorded response with shock, saying that he had admitted to doing what she accused him of. She then provided some screenshots that addressed George’s points, including proof of them flirting and him allegedly knowing her age. She also added that he never asked her permission to touch her.

GeorgeNotFound responded by claiming she had presented him with “new information” he was not originally aware of. He apologized to Caiti and said he never had “bad intentions” but understood she was hurt by his actions.

“I will be saying more soon,” he concluded.


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