Caitibugzz confirms sexual assault allegations against GeorgeNotFound

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 25, 2024

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Twitch streamer Caitibugzz has accused George “Georgenotfound” Davidson of sexual assault allegations in a new stream titled “Final Thoughts.” 

Goergenotfound recently addressed Caitibugzz’s initial accusations in a YouTube video, explaining why he didn’t double-check her age or ask for enthusiastic consent. He then apologized to Caitibugzz for assuming her age and taking things further. However, Georgenotfound kept the details to himself to “respect her privacy.” 

Now Caitibugzz has come forward with explicit details of what happened after VidCon. She claims that Goergenotfound groped her under the shirt without asking if she was comfortable. She reiterated that she felt sexually assaulted.

“He stuck his hand up my shirt, under my bra, felt up, fondled, whatever you wanna say, he felt up my t—s. Unwanted sexual touch is literally in the definition of sexual assault. It’s f—ing sexual assault, and I’m never gonna apologize for saying it is,” Caiti said

In his response video, George claimed that the two had been “touchy” and cuddling for almost an hour. However, Caiti refuted this, stating the prior interaction was not sexual, as they were in the presence of other people. She described the alleged cuddling as “tame” and non-inviting.

Caiti clarified that her story has been misrepresented and emphasized that she is a victim of sexual assault. 

Fans accuse Caitibugzz of changing her story 

GeorgeNotFound sexual assault allegations

Since Caiti has come forward with a new video accusing Georgenotfound of sexual assault, fans have been calling her out for changing her initial story. According to the viewers, the streamer never mentioned that Georgenotfound had touched her breasts. In her original video, Caiti censored explicit details and claimed that he slipped his hand under his shirt. 

However, the streamer did mention in the original video that his hand was “inching further to places I didn’t ask for it to be.”

“He can sit there and confirm that he did it, and I’m still sitting here, getting called a liar. Getting called a fake victim. Getting called a slut and a prude at the same time and quite frankly, it’s f—ing ridiculous,” she said in a new video.

So far, the reaction of fans to sexual assault allegations against Georgenotfound has been mixed, with some accusing Caiti of exaggerating the situation. Georgenotfound has not yet responded to Caiti’s latest video. It is unclear whether a second response will be posted.


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