Jett overpowered

Players are exploiting an OP angle on Split with new Jett bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 8, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ attempts to keep Jett in line with other Valorant agents are proving to be fruitless, with players finding a new bug to keep her a step above the competition. 

Jett has consistently remained one of the top agents in Valorant. The duelist has incredible mobility that is currently unmatched. Even with various nerfs and gameplay changes, Jett has remained very strong in pro play, ranked play, and casual play. With a wildly high pick rate of 62%, it’s tough to dethrone the duelist. 

Most credit goes to the creative players and lingering Valorant bugs that accentuate Jett’s kit. The players have discovered a new position on Split that provides Jett with an unfair advantage.

New Jett bug on Split is too powerful

Jett is equipped with double drafts that help her hop onto elevated areas, creating unique angles and playmaking opportunities. However, some spots are just unfair, which is why Riot Games sometimes disables them. No other agent can land on these props that were seemingly just meant to be for decoration. Another one of these has been discovered on Split.

Using her double draft from the top of the crate, Jett can get a position on the corner of the light fixtures. This likely isn’t intended, but it’s very powerful. This spot leaves enemies entering into tower vulnerable to both Jett and other defenders holding the entrance. Even if Jett doesn’t shoot at attackers, she can still gather intel for her teammates. 

It’s unclear whether this is an intended feature, but it is most likely a bug that requires fixing. Many have reported that the bug exists after the new patch 4.11. It’s worth noting that this particular exploit wasn’t mentioned in the long list of fixes delivered in the update. 

It’s not only game-changing, but it has the potential to be regularly used on the map and potentially redefine how it’s played. Since it’s easy to replicate, players should be expected to use this in ranked play. This isn’t the first time Split’s tower has been at the center of significant bugs. Previously, players reported an Omen TP bug that allowed him to reach this angle. 

Why is Jett the best duelist in Valorant?

Jett is the best duelist in Valorant, but isn’t equally powerful on every map.

Jett is currently the only agent in Valorant who has a versatile kit with a twist of movement tactics. Her mobility allows her to escape risky situations and still gain an advantage for her team.