Game-breaking bug makes CS2 cheat commands accessible to all

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 8, 2024

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VAC may not be the best anti-cheat in the world, but Counter-Strike 2 cheats are expensive and hard to obtain. However, a new bug allows everyone to wallhack in CS2 using sv_cheats commands.

CS2’s cheating problem is no breaking news. It’s as old as the game itself, and despite Valve’s efforts, it continues to deteriorate. In CSGO, cheaters ran rampant, so when CS2 was announced, players expected Valve to nip it in the bud with the new anti-cheat. Sticking with the upgraded model of the same anti-cheat seems to have backfired. 

There had been enough cheaters in CS2 for it to be a noticeable problem, but the new bug makes the game unplayable. In CS2, cheats are now a few console commands away. 

What are the CS2 sv_cheats commands?

Sv_cheats commands are enabled in private practice servers to customize scenarios, but a new bug allows everyone to use them in sv_cheats-protected client-side cvar.

These are the servers where no sort of cheats are allowed, and competitive integrity is held in high regard. However, sv_cheats commands like echo “1” sv_cheats 1 are allowing players to wallhack during serious games. By typing in sv_cheats commands in the console, malicious players can wallhack, teleport, and exploit the game. Some remove all barriers and map hurdles from the screen, leaving enemies exposed. 

All of this is available at just a console command away, making it one of the deadliest CS2 bugs so far. Players have been experimenting with different commands, but so far, CS2 wallhack commands have been the most lethal. Consequently, serious players are staying away from CS2 for the time being. 

FACEIT bans players who use CS2 cheat exploit

FACEIT has already identified accounts that used the exploit and is currently rolling out punishments. 

While it’s unclear whether these commands work in official Valve servers, FACEIT has wasted no time in taking action. Cheaters on their platform are being swiftly dealt with, with bans already in place for those who exploited the bug. Those who used the commands on FACEIT servers will be barred from the platform for two years. However, Valve’s response is still awaited. 

Considering the severity of the bug, a fix should arrive soon. Players are still debating whether those who used the commands should be punished since it’s a game-sided bug. However, the bug needs to be intentionally enabled from the console, making the intentions of the users clear. Valve will likely follow FACEIT’s lead and ban the exploiters as well. 

It’s recommended that players avoid experimenting with the commands to prevent potentially being banned. 


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