s1mple explains why CS2 Premier still “sucks”

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 2, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

After taking a break right after the release of Counter-Strike 2, legendary pro player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev has re-emerged with a not-so-hot-take regarding CS2.

s1mple took a break from competitive gaming when CS2 was released. While some claimed it had to do with his statement regarding CS2 being unplayable, that wasn’t the case. However, his recent post on X leaves no doubt about how s1mple truly feels about CS2 — or at least its anti-cheat.

Taking to X, the Counter-Strike icon expressed his frustration with poor anti-cheat in CS2 and left a recommendation for Valve.

s1mple has a suggestion for CS2 anti-cheat

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It’s no secret that CS2’s anti-cheat isn’t much of an improvement compared to CSGO. With a new game, everyone expected that Valve would prioritize fixing the biggest issue in the game: cheating. But no one was shocked when CS2 was released with the same anti-cheat with a fancier name, VAC Live. Whatever differences it entails, so far, remain unnoticeable in Premier, the most competitive mode in CS2.

s1mple agrees.

“You need to understand CS2 that without proper anti-cheat — Premier f—ing sucks, no one gonna grind for rating like in Valorant, easiest way — connect with FaceIT anti-cheat, hardest way — create much better one,” s1mple said.

In his post, the pro player compared CS2 to Valorant and explained that no one wants to work for the rating if there are cheaters in every other game. In CS2, the rating system is more similar to Valorant. With progress visible in numeral form, Premier feels more competitive. However, hackers are still squeezing all fun out of competition.

Valve could resolve this issue by partnering with FACEIT, according to s1mple. The pro player suggests this is the easier solution, but if not acceptable, Valve should roll out a better anti-cheat. Without it, the game sucks.

Valve hasn’t responded to his strong statement, but it’s unlikely that his post would make a difference. Knowing Valve, CS2 players would have to work with the same anti-cheat for the next few years or more.