Kay/O bug

Game-breaking bug lets Kay/O move after being downed

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s war machine Kay/O has become the perfect intel-gatherer as a major new bug drags him across the ground while he’s in a downed state. 

Kay/O is equipped with an initiator knife that is one of the best tools in Valorant for revealing the enemy’s plans. The agent can toss a blade that indicates the enemy count. Teams can strategize around this intel, making him a viable pick on almost every map. However, this new ultimate bug has taken Kay/O’s initiator game to another new level. 

Kay/O can potentially control its movement while in a downed state, which could be huge if it remains an active bug in Valorant. 

New bug lets Kay/O move in a downed state 

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In this new Valorant bug, Kay/O is moving in his destroyed form with a clear view of enemies. Players are exploiting the war machine’s bug to get an extra scoop on enemies while in a downed state. 

When Kay/O is shot down in his suppressing ultimate, he enters a downed state. He stays alive for 15 seconds before teammates can revive him back to life. Kay/O remains stationary during his down state while he waits to be stabilized by a teammate. But this new bug makes him OP as he can control his movement and gather intel while he’s dying.

A Valorant player shared a clip from a game on Icebox in which a broken Kay/O kept moving forward, which is not an intended in-game mechanic. During his downed state, Kay/O had a clear view of the enemy team. This is a highly potent bug as not only can Kay/O get more intel, he can also crawl back to safety and towards teammates.

Stabilizing Kay/O typically requires commitment and risk from teammates. They must enter the red zone and play with fire in order to get their downed teammate back. However, the new bug can remove that risk. Kay/O can move towards teammates and safely be stabilized after delivering more information.

This isn’t a new bug. It has remained in the game for a while, but a fix is still not in sight. It’s unknown whether this bug is easily replicable, but it’s potent and thus requires Riot’s attention. Many are even calling it a buff, as it makes Kay/O’s subpar ultimate a bit better. The developer may finally fix the issue as many players are now replicating the glitch.