Fousey ban

Fousey has been banned from Twitch twice in one week

By Olivia Richman


Aug 11, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Twitch streamer Yousef “Fousey” Erakat has now been banned twice in one week.

On August 11, Fousey found himself banned from Twitch for a second time within a few days. The reason is unknown at this point, so it’s uncertain how long Fousey will be off the platform.

Fousey has been banned in the past but then went three years without getting in trouble with the streaming platform. That ended for the controversial streamer when he was suspended for a short duration after a subathon gone wrong.

Why was Fousey banned from Twitch?

It’s currently unknown why Fousey was banned this time around.

The streamer is no stranger to troublesome behavior, however. Earlier this week, Fousey returned from a short suspension after he said a racial slur while rapping along to a song.

When Fousey realized what he had said, he immediately showed signs of regret and started punching his bed, knowing he would most likely face consequences from the sensitive streaming platform.

“F—! I never use that word, I swear to f—ing word. I’ve listened to rap songs every day on this subathon and I always change it out for ‘brotha,'” Fousey exclaimed to his viewers.

Previously, Fousey had other livestreams that got him in trouble. While streaming from an airport, Fousey started flirting with a woman who revealed she previously had fallen victim to sex trafficking. In response, Fousey had his viewers donate to her CashApp. But then he later told his viewers that he had sex with the woman in the airport bathroom, which was seen as very insensitive and offensive.