Fortnite Most Wanted event brings tons of content

By Nicholas James


Feb 14, 2023

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Fortnite’s Most Wanted event has hit live servers, and it’s bringing with it tons of new cosmetics, items, augments, and things to do on the Fortnite map.

The Fortnite Most Wanted event is a new heist-themed event happening in Fortnite during Chapter Four Season One. The event is bringing a free battle pass, tons of new exotic weapons, and several unvaulted items from Fortnite’s past. If you’re looking for a full breakdown of the new Fortnite event, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about the new mechanics, items, and special happenings during the event.

Most Wanted battle pass

The Most Wanted will run for two weeks from February 14, 2023. As a part of this event, every player is being given a free rewards track, the Most Wanted battle pass. This pass will give players a variety of free cosmetics and other items to be collected while the event is ongoing. As the name indicates, the Most Wanted event is a spin on heists with a central cops and robbers mechanic. Here are all of the rewards on the Most Wanted battle pass.

  • Escapees Weapon Wrap
  • Bomb Banner Icon
  • Double Tags Harvesting Tool
  • Most Wanted Spray
  • Cash Stack Back Bling
  • The Heat Is On Loading Screen
  • Combocopter Glider
  • Cold Blooded Style Weapon Wrap
  • Cold Blooded Spray
  • Vault Guardian Harvesting Tool
  • Snake Sack Emote
  • Gold Blooded Ace Outfit

The quests for this battle pass will be available in five steps, the first of which is on live servers right now. Intel & Recon is live now, with the other chapters yet to be released called Going In Loud, Cracking The Vault, and Clean Getaway. Complete quests in each of the steps to unlock the next when the time comes, and you’ll eventually acquire the Solid Skull Back Bling. This cosmetic item will have additional quests in order to unlock more styles for it.

Weapons unvaulted for Most Wanted

Several weapons have been unvaulted, returning from Fortnite’s past for players to pick up and use. These unvaulted weapons are like the rest of Fortnite’s regular weapons, appearing in a variety of rarities across the map and in chests.

The weapons that have been unvaulted are the P90 Submachine Gun, the Double Pistols, the Heavy Pistol, the Heavy Sniper, the Boom Sniper exotic weapon, and the Hop Rock Dualies exotic weapon. The Heavy Sniper previously dominated the game alongside the Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle as one-hit headshot machines that terrorized lobbies all over Fortnite.

New exotic weapons

There are also brand-new, never before seen exotic weapons that players can get their hands on for the very first time. These new weapons are the following.

  • Accelerant Shotgun: A shotgun that gains movement speed and fire rate upon damaging enemies
  • Breacher Shotgun: A shotgun that does tons of extra damage to structures
  • Blink Mag Submachine Gun: A SMG that grants uses of Zero Point Dash after reloading
  • The Explosive Assault Rifle: a rifle that fires bullets that explode upon impact
  • Run ‘N’ Gun Submachine Gun: A SMG that grants the effects of Sprint Juice and automatically reloads while you are sprinting and have it selected

New Most Wanted event augments

The augment system has been a hit addition to Fortnite this season, adding the ability for players to customize their character’s capabilities throughout a match. These are the new augments in the Fortnite Most Wanted event.

  • Keymaster: Gain two keys for Holo-Chests, the unlockable Epic, Legendary, and Exotic item lockboxes scattered throughout the map
  • Last Shots: The last two shots in your pistol magazines deal extra damage
  • Exotic Grab Bag: Receive a randomly selected Exotic weapon
  • Sniper Surplus: Your snipers gain one more ammo capacity

All of the new augments focus on granting or upgrading firearms in one way or another. The addition of Last Shots enables an entirely pistol-focused build souped up by other augments. Players can combine Light Fingers, which shortens reload time with light ammo-using weapons, Pistol Amp, which grants larger magazine size for pistols, and Mythic Munitions, which grants a Mythic pistol, with Last Shots to create a bullet hose that feels more like the most powerful SMG in the game than a pistol.

Cold-Blooded Syndicate and Vaults

The Most Wanted update has introduced a new villainous faction to the game’s convoluted lore. The Cold-Blooded Syndicate has arrived on the island with three repositories of loot. There are three Cold-Blooded Vaults on the Fortnite island, each guarded by a boss and some goons. Defeating the boss will drop a Vault Keycard, which can be used to unlock the vault visible on the mini-map. The vaults are high-end loot rooms filled with top-tier chests and lots of gold.

The Cold-Blooded Vaults can be found in Brutal Bastion, Faulty Splits, and Shattered Slabs. World bosses have become a regular part of Fortnite’s Battle Royale experience, between IO’s named characters, the Herald, the Ageless Champion, and now the Cold-Blooded Syndicate.

Heat Levels

There’s a new mechanic entering the game with the Fortnite Most Wanted event, Heat Levels. Heat Levels appear as four empty flame icons on the top left of your screen. As your heat level increases, you’ll get some bonuses to speed and healing, but you’ll start to be more visible to enemy players and even become visible on the minimap.

Eliminating an enemy player, eliminating a Cold-Blooded Syndicate NPC, opening a Cold-Blooded Vault, or using a payphone at each of the Cold-Blooded Vault locations causes it to increase one level each. As you gain Heat, you also gain the following benefits.

  • Heat Level One: Eliminated enemies drop more Gold Bars
  • Heat Level Two: 15% movement speed and passively regenerate until you reach 100 health out of combat
  • Heat Level Three: 20% movement speed, and passively regenerate until you reach 100 health and 50 shields out of combat
  • Heat Level Four: Increase movement speed by 25% and passively regenerate until you reach full health and shields out of combat

That’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Most Wanted event, so good luck and have fun out there


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