Fortnite community asks for buggy lightsabers to be vaulted now

By Olivia Richman


Jan 4, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Lightsabers are the latest OP Fortnite weapon that players want banned. 

January 7 can’t come soon enough for Fortnite fans who can no longer tolerate the limited time weapon. The Star Wars inspired weapon has been a part of Chapter 2 for some time now, but many players have started calling the lightsaber “game breaking” due to a bug allowing players to teleport. 

One Reddit user clipped a video of the incident, noting that they were “losing patience” as a result. The clip shows the player jumping down from high ground to take on a lightsaber-wielding opponent. As he’s shooting in their direction, the enemy instantly bolts to the side, avoiding damage and catching the player off guard. 

“It’s not just the being impossible to hit. It’s also the fact that they’re actually right in your face chopping you to pieces when it looks like they’re running the other direction. The desync is unreal,” one Reddit user noted. 

While the original poster stated that this clip was the second time an opponent teleported with a lightsaber, others in the comment section claimed it happened to them up to eight times. Another player said it’s happened almost every time they’ve run into an oponnent with the weapon. 

One player even admitted that the lightsabers made them avoid Fortnite entirely, the same response they had to the Season X. 

Are Fortnite’s lightsabers OP?

Still, other Fortnite fans defended the lightsabers. One player noted that it was easy to farm mats with the powerful weapon. Others stated that they wanted the lightsabers to stay in the game, but with a nerf or a cooldown, something that one player said Epic would do “if Epic cared about” the Fortnite community. 

“Are you new here? It’s been obvious since Season 3 that Epic just adds stupid shit ’cause they don’t care about the actual game play. They’ll add something terrible then when it gets removed they seem like they’re ‘listening to the community’ when in reality they just know it’s going to make them money,” another Redditor responded. 

Hopefully Fortnite fans can tolerate the buggy weapon for three more days. 

The lightsabers first came to Fortnite at the end of the Star Wars event that took place at Risky Reels. Epic Games has yet to make a statement about the lightsaber bug, but the special weapon will be vaulted at the end of the crossover event either way. 

The vault is also home to other overpowered weapons, like the Infinity Blade and Grappler, along with the Baller. Most of these weapons and vehicles were taken out of the game at the end of special events or at the start of a new season, not when the community came forward with complaints. 

The aforementioned B.R.U.T.E. was an extremely powerful mech that Epic Games defended when the developers received massive backlash from the competitive community. Epic explained that they were hoping to even the playing field, a philosophy that doesn’t align with Fortnite’s venture into esports. 


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