Is Fortnite getting a surprise League of Legends crossover?

Nicholas James • October 31, 11:32

Dataminers looking into Fortnite seem to have discovered an upcoming collaboration between Epic Games and League of Legends developer Riot Games in order to promote Riot’s animated series, Arcane.

According to the alleged leaks Piltover’s most chaotic criminal, Jinx, will be dropping from the Battle Bus and into Fortnite within the next week.

Riot Games has been pulling out all the stops ahead of their nine-episode series debut November 6 through the 20th, and it looks like a major collaboration is in the immediate future. According to data miner ShiinaBR, Jinx will be joining the island this upcoming week in celebration of Arcane’s release.

This crossover would be a massive landmark for Fortnite, reaching out to collaborate directly with one of the other biggest names in gaming. Jinx is a clear choice to bring into Fortnite to promote Arcane, with her both featuring as a protagonist of the series as well as wielding comically large guns that fit right in with Fortnite’s art style.

Worlds collide with Fortnite x League of Legends rumors

Content creator TheGrefG has announced he will be previewing a new Fortnite skin in the next week, highlighting the importance to him. According to ShiinaBR, this is the upcoming Jinx skin. TheGrefG already made headlines this year with League of Legends after reaching Gold in ranked play and immediately uninstalling the game. He doesn’t have many games on Jinx, but being the one to preview such a huge collaboration between Fortnite and League of Legends would still be an honor for any player.

So far only Jinx has been announced, but there are plenty more characters with iconic looks that could make their way from Arcane into Fortnite. Caitlyn has just had a freshly revealed visual rework, with both Vi and Jayce receiving Arcane skins within League of Legends itself. Fall has seen Riot kick their promotional circuit into high gear, with skins, trailers, figurines, and more all debuting in the last months of the year.


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