Marz Amouranth

Former Amouranth manager reveals what happened at TwitchCon

By Olivia Richman


Oct 21, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa recently came clean about her abusive husband in an attempt to free herself of the controlling people in her life. This included her content lead, Marcial “Marz” Pimentel, who she fired amidst all of the drama.

On October 17, 2022, Marz shared an update about Amouranth that relieved the streaming community. He said that she was okay despite the police being called multiple times. While many felt that Marz was being supportive, it was later learned that Amouranth had fired him for sharing the information on his social media.

“I feel he’s just out of line right now. He has known me longer than anyone on my staff. So I don’t like that he’s labeling other people as enablers because he’s known about the situation for so long. It just feels really, really weird. Really sus,” Amouranth said on stream.

After the stream, Marz continued to post about Amouranth on social media, stating that he’s not just “some guy” who works for her and will continue to support her no matter what she chooses to do. Amouranth replied to the tweet by asking him to stop.

The interaction left the streaming community torn and confused. Now, Marz has decided to share his side of the situation.

Marz reveals TwitchCOn details after getting fired by Amouranth

After the public dispute on social media, Marz decided he wanted to clear his name by releasing his own experiences with Amouranth and her husband Nick Lee.

In the TwitLonger, Marz started off by talking about some heated arguments during the weekend of TwitchCon. He streamed for eight hours or more on Saturday with no breaks and without any notice due to the couple’s continued arguments. Amouranth then had an argument on Sunday that Marz overheard, including some alarming statements about her animals. She could be heard in a short clip telling him to mute the stream.

It became too much for Marz when Lee locked Amouranth out of the hotel room on Monday morning, ignoring security as they banged on the door multiple times. The door was eventually unlocked and Amouranth started packing her things with the door open. As the arguments started up again, Marz decided to call the authorities for his own safety as well as hers.

“I do regret not having been able to stay with her; I was tired, stressed, and way out of my element and trying to do what I could. It definitely wasn’t the best decision leaving her there with him but at least she was in the company of law enforcement who would be able to handle the situation better,” Marz said.

When Amouranth went live on October 16 to reveal her situation with Lee, Marz tried reaching out multiple times. When the stream ended, he called for a wellness check but still didn’t get a reply. He called for more wellness checks throughout the day to make sure she was okay, tweeting about the situation meanwhile.

On October 17, Amouranth said she had been uncomfortable with Marz calling the police at TwitchCon. But Marz said that Lee had been sending threatening messages to him that night.

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“I was just trying to keep us both safe from this person’s erratic behavior. She also said she had plans ‘to quietly deal with this at home’ which is troubling as Kait demonstrated on her Sunday 10/16 stream that he has broken her door down in a fit of rage recently,” Marz wrote.

The clout chasing accusations were another thing Amouranth said on her October 17 stream. She had claimed Marz had tried to cause a scene at the streamer hotel, but he said that was “very disingenuous,” noting that he was truly in fear for their safety. The former content manager also added that he never encouraged people to “show up” at her door and never gave her address to anyone.

“I never gave out their address to anyone and even sought out professional legal advice on how to tell people that I would NOT be sharing her address. I’m not sure where she received this information to make such a bold, false claim. It makes me worried that her husband Nick Lee may be misinforming her to push people trying to help away,” Marz said.

As for knowing about the situation “for a long time,” Marz wrote that he had not known everything about her personal life and didn’t have the full information on her abuse.

“But make no mistake: I had only been working for her for two months before calling the authorities. I definitely did not stand for it when it was right in my face,” he added.

Despite all of the drama, Marz said that he will always be there for Amouranth if she ever reaches out. He said he hoped the TwitLonger wasn’t triggering for her. But he noted he can’t work with Lee or support him. He added that he hopes he is truly out of her life for good.

Many people came out to support Marz, noting that it seems Lee had been so controlling that Amouranth was unable to understand that he was just trying to help her.