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Police visited Amouranth’s house multiple times, sources said

By Olivia Richman


Oct 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ever since Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa live streamed a violent and threatening phone call with her alleged husband Nick Lee, the streaming community has been worried about the OnlyFans model’s safety.

Amouranth became one of the most prominent female streamers in the world by pioneering the hot tub meta and sharing exclusive photos on her OnlyFans account. But now Amouranth is claiming she did none of this by choice, explaining that her previously secret husband has been orchestrating the entire thing. Due to threats of violence and financial control, Amouranth has continued to live in this “fancy prison,” she claims.

During the live stream, Amouranth said that her husband had threatened to kill her dogs and horses over an argument about her Overwatch stream. She also showed screenshots of him insulting her and threatening to blow all the money she earned. Later in the stream, Amouranth also claimed that her husband had broken their door down trying to get to her when she tried to call the police on him, showing the damages to the viewers.

Since then, Amouranth has been silent, leaving fans concerned for her safety. Someone close to Amouranth has since come out with updates on the scary situation.

Is Amouranth getting a divorce?

Amouranth’s content lead tweeted earlier today that Amouranth is “fine” and that “she’s sorting things out” with her husband.

In the tweet, marz explained that the team finally got a hold of Amouranth and she told them she is okay. Police went to her house multiple times on October 16 but there wasn’t much they could do since she was not physically hurt, according to marz. This is the same issue she claimed to run into in the past when she tried to tell authorities about her situation.

marz also added that Amouranth had spent “all day” talking to her husband to “sort things out.” It’s unclear if this means Amouranth will remain with her husband going forward. For now, marz said there’s nothing else the team can do as the situation plays out.

The streaming community thanked marz for the update but was still concerned about Amouranth’s well-being. Amouranth being “fine” and “okay” weren’t the most reassuring words. Many also worried that Amouranth was going to be stuck with her husband, telling their own stories of how police never help with domestic violence cases until it’s too late.

For now, Amouranth’s fans will have to wait for more information on her situation.