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Five tips to rank up quickly in Valorant Episode 5

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 23, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Valorant Episode 5 is here, which means it’s time to grind a new badge. Following a few simple steps at the outset can help climb the ladder quickly. 

In Episode 5, Riot Games pulled Split out of the queue, throwing Pearl into the mix. But, that’s not what most players are concerned about. Adding Ascendant to the ladder will make climbing ranks even more challenging. Higher ranked players may find themselves at the lower end of the ladder as Riot has revised the ELO distribution. However, for this act at least, Riot has assured that the competition may not feel as fierce. 

Still, Valorant has become more challenging. The addition of the new rank isn’t going to make things easier. It may be the right time to invest in a personal coach to help get the golden badge. And if you need a little extra help, coaching platforms like Metafy can help you to find the perfect tutor to guide you through your ranked journey in Valorant. 

In order to rank up quickly in Valorant Episode 5, players may want to adopt a few habits at the beginning. 

Do you best to win placement games 

Placement games are crucial to set yourself up for a good act. Many players don’t take the initial games seriously, which leads to Match Making Rating (MMR) messing up. In reality, players must accumulate a good MMR at the beginning of the act to rank up quickly. 

The system is designed to push those with greater MMR into higher ranks by rewarding them with a high-Rank Rating (RR). So, make sure you play those initial games carefully, regardless of the locked badge on your rank Dorito. The system will boost your MMR if you’re deserving. 

Communicate with teammates 

Communication is the key to unlocking winning streaks in a game like Valorant, where abilities are split up among five players. If you’re a duelist, you’ll require flashes, smokes, and intel to execute your plays and vice versa. For that, you need good communication and teammates. 

Even if you’re having a lousy aim day, try adding value to the team by delivering accurate comms, information, and support. All of this is crucial to outride low ranks comfortably. 

Hit up deathmatch and aim training

Avoid jumping into competitive matches dry. Having a warmup routine and religiously following it before hitting play is crucial. Valorant’s practice range is excellent for polishing aim prior to competitive games. Shoot both stationary and moving bots to hone your aim before starting a ranked match. Deathmatch also works if you play regularly and just need to warm up your crosshair. 

Here are a few quick tips to aim better:

  • Understand spray and recoil in Valorant
  • Keep your crosshair height in check
  • Prefer burst fire over spraying or tapping
  • Don’t run and gun
  • Play aim training games

Pick self-sufficient agents 

Not all agents are cut out for brutal ranked games. The key to top fragging in competitive is picking a self-sufficient agent. A passive agent won’t always help you bag those needed kills, so you may want to find a duelist that suits your playstyle. Run duelists like Reyna and Jett in competitive games for quick wins.

rank up quickly in Valorant Episode 5

If duelists aren’t up your alley, try Neon to take down your opponents. She’s best suited to run on the latest map, Pearl. Her low learning curve is also a plus, and she’s hard for enemy players to catch.

Queue five-stack lobbies

When you queue in a five-stack lobby, you have a higher chance of winning a Valorant game. As mentioned earlier, the role feature in Valorant makes it challenging to rely on teammates to fulfill their roles appropriately. In a five-stack, you can play your preferred role and know your teammates have your back. Find four players within your ELO range to rank up in Valorant Episode 5 quickly. 

These simple tips should make the cut-throat new episode easier, but low-ranked players may need an extra push. Player wanting to grow their game may benefit from the help of a Valorant coach at Metafy to find your best agent and run it in to perfection comp games. 

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