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First details emerge on Valorant agent 21, codenamed “Mage”

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant prophets have revealed the codename for the upcoming agent 21. Here’s everything we know about Mage. 

The spine-chilling initiator Fade has been terrorizing the agents with her dark abilities and beasts. In episode five’s Pearl, she’s continuing to be a strong pick, meaning the game meta will soon be ready for a new face. With potential agent buffs in the pipeline, Riot is firing on all cylinders to make space for agent 21. Leakers have already dropped the codename, hinting at yet another unearthly character. 

According to ValorLeaks, Valorant agent 21 (the 20th in numerical order) is dubbed Mage. While there’s not much to glean here, we have deduced a couple of theories from the codename. 

Who is Mage in Valorant? 

Mage is a codename for the upcoming Valorant agent 21, leakers suggest. Here’s everything we know about Mage so far. 

Almost all Valorant categories are crowded with powerful characters, especially duelists. The protocol has continued to get regular recruits, stacking up the aggressive section. Most recently, Chamber and Fade were added to the sentinel and initiator rosters, respectively. That leaves controller as the category in dire need of new recruits. This likely means Mage will be the next smoker in Valorant, but this character may follow the footsteps of Omen. 

Unlike Viper and Brimstone, Mage may not have a computerized kit that shoots down chemicals and smokes. The word “Mage” is typically used for a magician, hinting they will have supernatural Radiant powers rather than relying on sci-fi tech.

Valorant’s sister game League of Legends also backs this theory where Mage is a class with magicians seeking to cripple the enemies through their potent spells. They’re primarily responsible for crowd control, a job suited for a controller. One could infer that a “mage” character in League of Legends could have a skill set similar to one of them.

Valorant agent 21 Mage

Riot often draws inspiration from League of Legends when creating Valorant characters and content. So, it won’t be a surprise if agent 20 is a controller with magical spells to create globe of smokes like Omen. The new Valorant agent 21 Mage may also be equipped with stuns like those of Astra and Breach to restrain the enemies better. 

But none of this should be taken as gospel, as it will likely be a few months before Riot drops official teasers. So far, the codename paints a picture of a mystical controller, ready to bring some competition for Viper.