FaZe Banks talks about destroying hotel room for $30K in damages

By Olivia Richman


Nov 13, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

FaZe Clan owner Ricky Banks and his friends left their suite in chaos, reportedly causing over $30,000 in damages. 

TMZ uploaded the shocking footage on October 31, revealing broken furniture, damaged walls, and turned over plants in their expensive hotel room at the Encore At Wynn Las Vegas. It was an incident that could have resulted in Banks spending up to five years in prison. 

FaZe Banks opens up about destroying hotel suite

Banks opened up about the controversy for the first time on an episode of Adam22’s “No Jumper” podcast this month. He admitted that he wasn’t meant to go to Vegas that weekend, but his friends had already bought him a ticket to the Encore music festival.

“It’s just an excuse for Hollywood people to go and get fucked up in Vegas,” Banks said, describing the event. 

Drama ensued before the plane even took off. Everyone raked on Spirit for being a “trash” airline that they are “above,” but the issue wasn’t even Spirit’s awful reputation. It was apparently all the fault of one flight attendant. 

Acording to Banks, he had started to pre-game before getting on the plane. He was “six mimosas deep.” This prompted one of the other guys on the podcast to ask Banks if he had a drinking problem. He replied that he didn’t, but was looking to have some “fucking fun” now that he’s single. 

Although Banks described drinking as “just part of the social game,” the choice seemed to backfire. When his group started moving around the “half-empty plane” to be closer to the girls they’d invited on the trip, a flight attendant started to demand that they all go back to their original seats. Of course, nobody was interested.

Banks explained that the flight attendant allegedly called the pilot, who then informed everyone that there were some “unruly” people on the flight “refusing to comply with instructions.” This delayed the flight by 30 minutes, which Banks claimed made everyone yell at the flight attendant “for being a bitch.” 

They had to get a new flight, which they just made on time. 

Finally in Vegas, Banks started to open up about the hotel room incident. It seemed like it was all the result of a super drunk crowd partying in the suite, but he never quite admitted how it all happened. 

Banks explained that he panicked upon waking up to the mess, calling it “scary.” He was especially shocked with the state of the hotel’s windows, which they’d completely destroyed. Banks begged his friends to beat him up and leave him alone in the room to make it appear like a roberry had occured. 

Banks also didn’t reveal how much damage he’d caused, not even confirming if it truly was $30,000 in damages. But he did confirm that he didn’t face jail time. Instead, he was banned for life from the hotel and paid a large fine. 

“It’s been resolved with the hotel and casino. I’m eighty-sixed for life. I’m banned forever. …which is completely fine. Honestly, it sucks, because it really is like the best [hotel] in Vegas,” he said. 

FaZe Clan continues to create controversy

The destroyed hotel room isn’t the only reason that FaZe Clan has been in the spotlight recently. Last week, Frazier “Jarvis” Kaye was permanently banned from Fortnite for using an aimbot hack in a video the streamer posted on YouTube. 

Banks had been one of the people to stand up for Jarvis, creating the hashtag #FreeJarvis and using Twitter to point out Epic Game’s inconcistent punishments for cheating. 

Banks referred to the incident in the Adam22 podcast, when he explained that he hadn’t received special treatment for being a celebrity when it came to his punishment from the hotel. Similar to Jarvis’ punishment, where being a major streamer didn’t earn him any sympathy from Epic. 

“In his case, being famous and being a fucking figure, like, fucks him. He can’t make content,” Banks ranted. 

It seems as though the drama is not slowing down any time soon for FaZe Clan, which had some major controversy earlier in the year when Turner “Tfue” Tenney sued the organization over an unfair contract. 


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