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Fans rage at OpTic coach Chet for controversial interview

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 11, 2022

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Fans aren’t happy with Valorant coach Chet “Chet” Singh’s post-match interview after OpTic’s loss to XERXIA in the VCT Masters Reykjavík group stage. 

VCT Masters Reykjavík is in full swing as teams lock horns to progress through the group stage. Fans had expected some nail-biting games, but no one saw XERXIA clean sweeping North American favorites OpTic. The Asian roster netted a landslide victory over OpTic, finishing the match in 2-0 fashion. 

While the victory was jaw-dropping, the post-match interview made headlines. OpTic’s coach Chet has landed in hot water for speculating about Thanamethk “Crws” Mahatthananuyut leaving XERXIA and his comments on “cringe comps.” 

Players bash Chet for his post-match interview 

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After suffering an upset from XERXIA, Chet mentioned how the loss had more to do with OpTic’s poor performance and less with XERXIA’s showing. When asked about the regional difference, the coach said that Valorant is more about utility and strategy. That makes it easier for smaller regions to have a “cringe strategy” if they can execute it well. 

A unique strat in Valorant is generally an out-of-the-box comp that may take another team by surprise. The enemy may call it “cringe” as it may not include complex utility and elaborate plans, but it’s undoubtedly viable in the server.

But, that was clearly not the case for XERXIA. The Asian team wiped out OpTic across both the maps in a one-sided match, proving that it was a sound strategy. According to Chet, it was a general statement, but fans tend to disagree. 

“I’m not even referring to their team, it was a generalized question so I gave a generalized response. We also run out of meta comps more than most teams, so it’s also in regards to us,” Chet said on Twitter. 

Multiple Valorant personalities came forward to call out Chet for the comments, which weren’t really befitting a top Valorant coach. Dismissing XERXIA and chalking up their victory as a failure from OpTic came off as pure saltiness to fans.

Apart from commenting on strategy, the coach also went ahead and said that XERXIA has a lot less to lose because money is “tough” in the Asian region. The statement was met with anger by many. He further speculated that XERXIA’s Crws would drop out of the roster due to budget problems. 

Crws responded to Chet’s statement, stating that he won’t leave for budget-related issues. 

Both Asian and North American Valorant fans are furious over Chet’s interview. Chet clarified his stance, saying that he made general statements and didn’t precisely target a particular team or region. That did little to quiet those who were critical.

Team XERXIA will now face the group B winner’s match, continuing their journey in VCT Reykjavík. OpTic gets another shot to stay alive. The team will go up against KRU Esports in an elimination match.