Can coaching help you rank up in Valorant? Yes, and here’s how

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Coaching in Valorant is the perfect way for players to shoot up the rankings and stay there for seasons to come.

Coaching is a core part of esports training, but you don’t have to be a pro player qualifying for the Valorant Champions Tour to get help. From brand new players to day-one grinders, everyone can use some help with improving in Valorant. Coaching services such as Metafy offer quick and affordable coaching services to help players improve at Valorant and other competitive titles. And it’s clear now that this sort of coaching is the next big thing in competitive play.

How coaching can help you improve in Valorant

The most obvious benefit of Valorant coaching is improved tactical knowledge. Simply knowing what to do in tough situations, such as when you’re having to cover a planted spike against two enemy players, is key to ranking up quickly.

For example, if you’re playing Jett in a one-on-two at Breeze B site, there are tons of different ways to throw Jett’s smokes. Experimenting with novel plays mid-game is inefficient, so an experienced player going over the different options you have and telling you which is best in each situation is the fastest way to learn.

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Agent choice is extremely important in Valorant, and many tutors specialize in coaching a particular pick or role. Metafy suggests different coaches based on which agent a student wants to improve at. An entry specialist like Reyna requires a different set of skills when compared to a defensive controller like Killjoy. 

Metafy Valorant coaches who specialize in a particular agent can point out mistakes that players might not even realize they are making. Such a service is also useful for someone who wants to transition from one role to another. An Astra main might understand how the concuss status works, but might not understand how it fits into Breach’s kit.

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Lastly, coaching can help with the more physical parts of Valorant. For newer players, ranking up seems like just a matter of improving aim. A former professional player is the perfect person to talk to about creating an aim training regimen. They can also discuss things like the best Valorant gear to use. Having the perfect gaming mouse or a 144hz monitor won’t make you a better player overnight. But every little advantage helps when trying to rank up quickly in Valorant.

Even if Valorant coaching doesn’t immediately sound useful, remember that as services like Metafy grow more popular, you’re more likely to play against other players who have received coaching at all skill levels. Joining in on the fun is the best way to keep up and outperform your competition.

This post is sponsored by Metafy, providing gamers with the coaching resources they need to take their game to the next level.