Fans put CSGO skins on Valorant weapons and it’s amazing

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s iconic Asiimov skin has inspired Valorant players and yielded an exquisite fanmade Asiimov Vandal. 

Valorant skins seem as cheap as chips compared to top-end cosmetics in CSGO. Some weapon skins in CSGO can cost an arm a leg, eventually becoming a commodity. Players can potentially trade in these skins to make money in real life, whereas cheap Valorant skins are pure virtual items. However, the animated weapons in Valorant may appear more attractive to some players. 

Still, Valorant players are inspired by CSGO’s simple, no-nonsense weapon skins that have a rich history in esports. The Asiimov skin line is one of the legendary skins that became popular in large part thanks to the orange AWP of Kenny “kennyS” Schrub. An artist brought these skins to Valorant and the end product is spot on. 

Asiimov skin in Valorant has colorful variants

A fan has recreated CSGO’s legendary Asiimov skins and it’s perfect. The striped weapon also has variants, a treat for CSGO fans who loved the Asiimov line. 

An artist named Taniiko has reproduced the Asiimov pattern on Valorant’s primary rifle, Vandal. The white, orange, and black stripes are precisely like Valve’s version, and they fit perfectly on Vandal’s slim shape. The skin looks like multiple battle pass skins in Valorant that are simple and clean. The plain stripes look like the EGO bundle in Valorant, which was a hit among players.  

Vandal Asiimov

Visually, the stripes are nothing special except for their history in CSGO. So, the artist has added colorful variants to add some spice. Valorant cosmetics are all about their variants and level, so the Asiimov colors are indeed a nice touch. Taniiko’s Vandal comes in orange, pink, blue, and green colors, which CSGO players never got to enjoy. 

The response to this fan-made Asiimov has been incredible, with fans telling Riot Games to take notes. While it’s unlikely that the developer would add this exact skin in Valorant, it’d be interesting to see similar CSGO-inspired skins in the game. 

What’s the most expensive Vandal skin in Valorant? 

Champions 2021 and Elderflame are the most expensive Vandal skins in Valorant. The ultra-edition Elderflame is a much-desired Vandal skin that rotates in the regular skin market. It costs 2,475 VP for three variants and animations, making it one of the priciest skins in the game.