Most expensive Valorant knife

Fan creates 3D version of the most expensive knife in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


May 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Spectrum knife, also known as Waveform, is one-of-a-kind collector’s piece. It’s so costly that a player has decided to make his own. 

Riot Games has rolled out over 30 skin bundles, but nothing comes close to the greatness of the Spectrum collection. Riot Games’ collaboration with Zedd was a wild moment in Valorant’s history, resulting in the most expensive bundle to date. The sky-high price tag of this collection didn’t stop the collectors from copping the skin, but most Valorant players passed. 

One player named TimeLord3D isn’t holding back is affection for the knife skin. The artist has brought the extravagant bundle to life, and it may even be better than the virtual counterpart. 

Most expensive Valorant knife Spectrum comes to life

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Many talented Valorant players have recreated virtual melee weapons in real life with cards, paper, and whatnot. But Zedd’s Waveform knife is a digital piece with RGB colors. Creating a 3D version of this knife seemed almost impossible until TimeLord3D tried it. 

This Valorant player’s Waveform is a ditto copy of Riot’s version. It glows with the signature colors on an acrylic blade and a white handle embossed with Zedd’s logo. The transparent blade is also stamped with Valorant’s logo, making it even more realistic. According to TimeLord3D, he made the body with an acrylic plate and shaped it to match Riot’s melee. 

Not just that, but the artist also created a parody of Zedd’s video introducing the Spectrum bundle. He showcased his handmade knife just like the popular DJ and even did an inspection similar to Valorant agents. The best part about the 3D Waveform knife is likely the music feature. The melee plays the iconic Spectrum music by pressing a button placed on the white handle. 

TimeLord3D revealed that he doesn’t even own the expensive knife in the game. But he now owns an exact copy in real life to flex on friends. Many Valorant players are even willing to pay for this masterpiece that looks and works precisely like Valorant’s in-game Spectrum knife. 

How much does the Zedd Spectrum knife cost? 

The Zedd Spectrum knife is the most expensive melee in Valorant at a cost of 5,350 VP. The RGB knife comes with a catchy tune that plays upon inspection. Despite its stylish features, players still think that Waveform is unfairly pricey.