Fade's Haunt lineup

Fade’s Haunt lineup on Ascent catches enemies in every corner

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The spooky and stylish Fade is the top initiator on Ascent. Her Haunt ability is truly hair-raising, and this lineup takes full advantage of it. 

Fade entered Valorant as a direct competitor of Sova, but both agents have managed to keep their unique place in the protocol. While Sova deals damage and gathers intel, Fade menaces enemies by following them across the map. But her new lineup proves that she’s in her own league when it comes to information-gathering. Her Haunt can sometimes overshadow the kits of fellow Initiators.

Fade’s watcher on Ascent sticks to odd angles, revealing enemies in rat corners. This particular Fade’s Haunt lineup leaves no stone unturned.

How to clear A site with Fade? 

Fade’s eye is highly viable on Ascent as it sticks to high angles. Players must step into the line of fire to break it. This particular Fade’s Haunt lineup will lock all enemies in their hiding spots.

This setup works best at the beginning of the round as it’s easier to line it up with the buy phase screen. Stick yourself to the blue wall and aim at the corner of the tile. Then, aim up at the edge of the window and equip Haunt ability. Press jump and throw the eye. The ability will stick to the top of the metal ledge, the highest point on A site. 

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Due to the height of the metal, the watcher clears out tricky angles as well. Haven’s corner box and green crates are the toughest to clear out and are the most common hiding points. This particular watcher sticks so high that it exposes the entire A site. It has been used at a higher level of play in the Valorant LCQ, attesting to its viability. 

The agent can instantly pair the Haunt with her Prowler to stun enemies if they’re holding a close angle. Using her two abilities, Fade can help teammates take control of A site.

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