Everything you need to know about Viktor from Arcane and LoL

By Nicholas James


Mar 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Viktor the Machine Herald has taken center stage after the animated adaptation of League of Legends, Arcane, hit Netflix in a big way.

Viktor was born and raised in the slums of Zaun, the lower portion of Piltover coated in the toxic smog known as the “Zaun Grey.” Here’s everything you need to know about Viktor, League of Legends’ hardest-working Zaunite academic turned augmented mastermind.

How old is Viktor?

When viewers first meet Viktor in Arcane, he appears to be in his late teens or early 20s. Arcane is set as an origin story for the character as players know them in current day canon. As fans play him in League of Legends, he is likely about a decade ahead of his Arcane counterpart. Arcane isn’t entirely canon just yet, but Riot seems to moving towards making the animated adaptations of League of Legends more directly related to the shows.

In League of Legends’ current canon, Viktor is an augmented Zaunite rebelling against the iron fist of the Piltovans and against his once-friend Jayce. Arcane explores Viktor’s journey into the heavily augmented form that fans know, but has only just begun to touch on Viktor’s “glorious revolution.” In League of Legends, he is a radical believer in technology’s ability to upend the status quo and help those that have been downcast by systems of oppression.

There’s even a cult that views him as a figurehead worthy of worship, but Viktor wants nothing to do with it.

How tall is Viktor in Arcane?

In early Arcane design notes, Viktor is listed as 5’7″, but the heights listed in those documents don’t hold up to Arcane’s internal consistency. He’s one of the shorter Arcane characters, and you can see a full list of Arcane character heights here.

What will happen to Viktor in Arcane season 2?

Viktor still has a lot of ground to cover before becoming a recognizable version of the machine herald from League of Legends. Arcane season 2 will likely see his health grow worse as Viktor augments his body in order to extend his lifespan with technology. This may also reveal new details about the terrifying Hex-Core.

Is Viktor a couple with Jayce?

Fans have speculated about a romantic connection between Jayce and Viktor for years, as the two’s obsessive rivalry borders on a romantic infatuation in the minds of some. Arcane only made this theory more popular, playing the two scientists off as ships passing in the night.

There’s no official confirmation of any romance between the two, but supportive fans will find plenty of contextual arguments for it.


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