How tall are Arcane characters? Answers revealed by Riot

By Nicholas James


Feb 22, 2022

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Fans of the animated League of Legends show have occupied themselves guessing the exact heights of the cast, so how tall are Arcane characters?

Arcane’s depiction of its League of Legends-based cast shook up some preconceptions members of the fanbase had about the characters. A member of Riot Games has revealed the heights of many of the main cast, here’s how tall various Arcane characters are.

How tall are Arcane’s Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, and Jinx?

Jayce and Caitlyn are both around six feet tall, Jinx is comparatively a humble 5’4″, while Vi checks in at 5’7″.

Riot Games’ Praeco, the showrunner of the Arcane creative team, revealed the answers from Riot and Fortiche Productions’ early design sheets during Arcane’s production. One of the largest subversions of fans’ expectations had come in Vi’s surprisingly short stature. Depicted as a terrifying bruiser in the game, many fans often expected Vi to be a towering figure of muscle and grit. Instead, Violet is only moderately above-average in terms of her height.

Jayce is the second tallest of Arcane’s characters, a mere centimeter behind Caitlyn, each of them standing at 184 and 185 cm respectively, both 6’0″. From there the next-tallest character is Piltover Councilwoman Mel Medarda, at 175 cm or 5’8″. Vi and Viktor are both 172 cm or 5’7″. The two shortest characters are the stars of the jaw-dropping battle scene on the harbor bridge, Jinx and Ekko. Ekko is 168 cm, or 5’6″, while Jinx tails the rest at 164 cm, or 5’4″.

Of the secondary characters, Vander is the tallest at 190cm or 6’2″, while Sevika joins Jayce and Caitlyn at 6’0″. Silco stands at 5’9″, with Heimerdinger ranking as the very shortest at a meter, 3’3″

These measurements all come from an early design sheet, and fans have noticed that changes were likely made during the production. Many of the characters’ heights appear different in the show than they do on the list, indicating some shifts after this design sheet was used.


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