Everything about the TFT: Soul Brawl game mode

By Nicholas James


Jul 13, 2023

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A new game mode for Riot Games’ auto battler has been announced to coincide with the Soul Fighter Event, this is what we know about TFT: Soul Brawl and the amazingly named Choncc Dome.

TFT: Soul Brawl, Training Stage in the Choncc Dome

There’s been a mysterious button on the Teamfight Tactics tab in the League of Legends client for a week now, advertising a coming event. “Coming Soon: The Choncc Dome” it reads, with a picture of Choncc, a hefty draconic Little Legend. It’s been unclear exactly what the Choncc Dome is, or what its arrival would entail. Thanks to a Riot Games announcement this morning, we know exactly what’s coming our way. There will be a brand new Game mode called TFT: Soul Brawl, a new game mode for TFT.

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Soul Fight works similarly to normal Teamfight Tactics, but there are some important differences. Firstly, there’s no Tactician health. Instead of Health, the most important resource is Soul Power. You’ll gain Soul Power by playing Soul Fight from Stages 1-1 to 3-8. After each Carousel, Gwen visits players, granting rewards depending on the stage. You cannot lose during this stage, so feel free to play no units to econ as hard as possible.

You’re training up for Stages 4-1 to 4-3, when the game will become sudden death. It’s a best-of-three knockout stage where you’re going to make your way through an eight-person bracket. The game centers around the Soul Crown, an item that supercharges a unit and becomes even more powerful as the stage goes on, but we’ll get to the specifics shortly. For those not grasping how it works, think of it like a professional league. You’ll play two stages that work like the regular season, granting rewards to those that win. Stage 3 becomes playoffs, where you’ll play each opponent in a best-of-three series to advance. This results in Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Grand Finals in an eight-person lobby.

Tournament Round

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The Soul Crown has two stages, the Imperfect Soul Crown and the Perfect Soul Crown. In both forms, it’s a reusable consumable. So, it doesn’t take up an item slot, and you can reselect the target at anytime, similar to the Dragonmancer or Mecha traits from previous sets. The Imperfect Soul Crown boosts AD, AP, and HP. When the Training Stages (Stages 1 and 2) conclude, the Tournament Phase begins. At this point, the Soul Crown evolves into the Perfect Soul Crown. The Perfect Soul Crown boosts the same stats, but it increases them further based on the Soul Power collected from winning during Training Phase. It will also revive the selected unit once each round, with HP equal to double your Soul Power, and be cleansed of all negative effects.

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Not everything is making the jump to the Choncc Dome, as some Region Portals and Augments won’t be available. The Pengu and Vladimir Legends also won’t be selectable. Most of these are because they overlap with the new game mode or because the Legends offer Augments that care about health. Once the Training Phase is over, you may as well roll down to zero because you won’t be able to improve your team afterward. The Tournament Phase is essentially sudden death, with each composition having to battle for the title.

Choncc Dome Event and Choncc Dome Quests

The Choncc Dome will be the first event to be fully accessible on mobile. It will also herald the return of the much-loved TFT quests mechanic. This sends players on missions to complete certain in-game accomplishments in order to obtain rewards. Often these include Star Shards, allowing players to upgrade the star-level of Tacticians they own. The preview shows four champions, each with four different indicators. If each of these indicators is a quest, there will be 16 quests for players to complete. The four champions shown are Gwen, Lux, Samira, and Sett.

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These quests aren’t yet out, but rest assured we’ll have guides for all of them as soon as they’re available. The Soul Brawl game mode is a quick, fun way to play Teamfight Tactics. In many ways, it is the spiritual mirror to the Soul Fighter game mode in League of Legends that serves a very similar purpose. Riot seems to be razor-focused on finding quick, fun, and repeatable ways to play their games in order to move away from the significant time commitments of TFT and League of Legends.

Cosmetics and Event Pass

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The TFT: Soul Brawl game mode will also include lots of cosmetics, the first TFT event to have a dedicated Event Pass. There will be a base event pass available for 575 RP, and an additional 575 RP can be paid to upgrade it. The upgraded Event Pass will add Emotes, Star Shards, Booms, and a new Little Legend. The Little Legend is Khaat’Sai, a new Darkin-esque creature. Separate from the event pass, Chibi Gwen and Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen will be released. The Chibi series depict cute anime-style versions of League of Legends champions with unique animations, emotes, and finisher animations.


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