How all the TFT: Runeterra Reforged portals work

By Nicholas James


Jun 1, 2023

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The next Teamfight Tactics set has been revealed, and we’ve collected all of the currently known details about Runeterra Reforged’s Region Portals.

Teamfight Tactics regularly releases new sets, with brand new settings, core mechanics, traits, and origins. This helps keep Riot Games’ auto-battler fresh by completely upending the metagame every few months. The next installment in Teamfight Tactics will take the Convergence back to League of Legends’ default setting, Runeterra. This is all of the details you need to know about TFT: Runeterra Reforged.

Runeterra Reforged core mechanics

The new core mechanic of Runeterra Reforged is the Region Portals. At the beginning of the game, players will vote between one of three regions of Runeterra for the match to take place in. This voting is done by moving their Little Legend over one of three portals that will appear in the opening of the game, each with the symbol of one of Runeterra’s regions on it. The vote functions similarly to League of Legends’ All For One mode, where even one vote guarantees a chance at that region winning. Once the round starts, aspects of the game are modified by the region selected at the start of the game.

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Pictured, clockwise: Shurima, Ionia, Zaun

Each of the regions has one of several unique effects on the game, called Portal Augments, as follows:

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Bandle City

  • Bandle City Portal Augments:
    Bandle Cafeteria: Gain a Spatula at 2-1. Units wearing Spatulas, Emblems, or Tactician’s Crowns feed their nearest ally a Poro Snack at the start of each round, giving them 7 permanent health.

    Scuttle Puddle: Each minion round is replaced by Scuttle Crabs, harmless creatures that guarantee extra loot compared to normal minions.

    Yordle Pordles: On the first and fifth round of every stage, get a free champion. The cost of the champion granted increases as the game progresses.

    Yuumi’s Zoom Zone: Player rounds only last 20 seconds before overtime begins.
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  • Demacia Portal Augments:

    House Lightshield: Gain a Crown of Demacia item at stage 2-1, if the champion equipped with the Crown of Demacia dies, you instantly lose the round.

    Petricite Forest: All units are larger and have 150 extra bonus health.
Victorious Sejuani Splash Art


  • Freljord Portal Augments:

    Hearth-Home: During stage 4-5, gain a Masterwork Upgrade item that turns one equipped and completed item into its Radiant parallel.

    Ornn’s Forge: On either of stage 2-5 or 3-5, you receive an Ornn Item Anvil.
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  • Ionia Portal Augments:

    Dreaming Pool: At the beginning of each stage, gain an extra champion on the board that relates to your team.

    God-Willow’s Grove: One slot on your bench becomes the God-Willow’s Grove, the unit standing on the Grove adds their traits to your team’s active traits.

    Placidium Library: Gain an Ionian item that can be used on a unit to choose one Emblem from among their traits.
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  • Noxus Portal Augments

    Noxkraya: Every time you choose an Augment, an Arena Hex randomly appears on your board. Units that begin the game on an Arena Hex gain a free completed item.

    Immortal Basion: At stage 2-1, gain a flag that can be placed on your board similar to a Target Dummy. The flag grants 20% Attack Speed and 10% Health.
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  • Piltover Portal Augments:

    Jayce’s Workshop: All Augments in the lobby will be Prismatic.

    Stillwater Hold: No Augments will be offered at all.

    University: The first Augment stage will only offer Prismatic Augments.
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Shadow Isles

  • Shadow Isles Portal Augments:

    Thresh’s Sanctum: When a champion dies, Thresh collects their soul. Every 40 souls collected grants you loot and rewards.

    Yorick’s Graveyard: Every time a player loses the game, all players gain their choice of one item from among four that player was using.
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  • Shurima Portal Augments:

    Shifting Sands: At the start of each round, gain an Item Remover if you don’t already have one.

    Shurima Bazaar: Component carousels have two Item Components on each pick, rather than one.

    Warlord’s Palace: The 4-7 minion round is replaced by an Armory of loot that can players can reroll at the normal cost.
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Mount Targon

  • Mount Targon Portal Augments:
    Marus Omegnum: At stages 2-5 and 4-5, gain a Tactician’s Crown.

    Targon Prime: When your HP reaches 40, gain a random blessing.

    The Summit: From stage 2 onwards, gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator at the start of each stage. Starting at stage 5 and beyond, gain a Champion Duplicator instead.
Bel'Veth nerf

The Void

  • Void Portal Augments:
    The Lavender Sea: Beginning at stage 2-1, after every carousel and minion round, a Void symbiote attaches itself to a randomly selected hex on the board. Units who begin the round on the Void hex gain 20% damage reduction if it’s in the front rows or 20% damage if it’s in the back rows.

    The Rupture: Instead of selecting the Void, The Convergence travels to another random location that wasn’t offered in the opening voting rounds.
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  • Zaun Portal Augments:
    Ecliptic Vaults: When you choose an Augment, gain 4 gold for each Augment you have.

    Glasc Industries: Every time you build a completed item from components, gain three gold.

    The Sump: Gold does not provide interest this game. Starting on 2-1, players gain three gold at the start of each round.


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