Everything about Jerma, the absurdist streaming sensation

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 27, 2022

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Streamer extraordinaire Jeremy “Jerma985” Elbertson has become a household name on Twitch, but is there more to him than meets the eye?

Jerma985 is probably one of the greatest success stories on Twitch. Jerma started out as a somewhat popular YouTuber before transitioning to livestreaming, which exploded his popularity. Now he’s an icon of absurdist humor, something he continues to push forward in his broadcasts. Here’s everything there is to know about Jerma.

How did Jerma become famous?

Jerma985 is now best known for his Twitch streams, but he originally rose to internet fame as a Team Fortress 2 content creator. His original YouTube channel still has dozens of videos of Jerma playing Valve’s class-based shooter solo or with other content creators. His last YouTube video on the main channel was uploaded in August 2017. He still regularly posts on his alternate channel 2ndJerma.

While already fairly popular, Jerma became much more famous upon switching to Twitch. Since starting regular Twitch streams in November 2018, Jerma has grown into one of the most popular channels on the platform. In 2022, Jerma has averaged over 14,000 viewers with more than 3 million hours watched. He currently has 9,716 active subscribers and just over 900,000 followers.

What games does Jerma play?

Jerma is a variety streamer who plays a wide assortment of video games. His most-streamed game of all time is Elden Ring with 114 hours total. He has also streamed other titles including Dying Light 2, Mon Bazou, and Wrestling Empire. He tends to use games as one-time streams but occasionally revisits old favorites. Elden Ring has recently broken this mold, quickly becoming Jerma’s most-played game. Jerma also sometimes streams under the Just Chatting category.

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In addition to his standard fare, Jerma is also famous for his special streams featuring audience participation. The most recent of these was The Jerma985 Dollhouse, where he essentially acted as a video game character following the commands of the chat. While already bizarre, the event also featured insane moments including Jerma peeing on his bed after warding off a persistent burglar.

How old is Jerma?

Jerma may seem very young through his energy and antics, but his time spent gaining internet popularity shows that he’s older than most fans might think. Jerma is 36 years old and his birthday is September 22, 1985. Despite his being older than many of his streaming peers, Jerma has shown that his sense of humor clicks with a younger generation of streaming fans.

How tall is Jerma?

Jerma has not revealed his exact height publicly, but fan measurements estimate that Jerma is about 5’8” tall. 

In a relatively high-profile happening, Jerma was once publicly measured during a convention in 2019. This isn’t enough to determine his exact height, but 5’8” seems close enough for most fans to feel that the matter is settled.


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