tactifriends on Pearl

Every tactifriend location on new Valorant map Pearl

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant can be painfully competitive, but these sneaky tactifriends can be surprisingly calming during grueling games. 

All Valorant maps have tons of tactibears, penguins, rabbits, and snow figures hidden in unusual spots. Some of these are in plain sight, whereas others are in areas only visible using ghost mode. The tactibears and plushies in Valorant don’t necessarily impact the gameplay. Their job is to sit tight, look cute, and make Valorant maps a little bit more fun. 

Unfortunately though, spotting the bears is no cakewalk. Most of them hide under tables and outside the playable area. Tactibears and plushies in Valorant map are too unbothered to pay attention to a full-blown war going on. 

All the tactifriends and bears on Pearl 

As is tradition, Riot has dropped some tactifriends in the latest map Pearl. We tracked them all down so you don’t have to. Here are all the tactifriends on Pearl. 

There are a total of 12 tactifriends in Valorant, most of them hiding under barrels or doing fun activities outside the play area. It’s worth noting that some tactifriends may not be visible on medium or low video settings. For example, the bear outside the playable area riding a scooter is only visible on high graphics. There’s also a park next to this bear, where snails and squirrels are playing a game with a ball. 

Unlike Icebox, Pearl includes a limited type of plushies. Players won’t see a lot of pandas, bunnies, and other animals here. The tactifriend roster on Pearl mostly includes the classic bears that Valorant fans have grown to adore.

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One of the bears is seen fishing on the shores, likely the most serene spot on the map. It’s also quite far from the action, so it’s impossible to spot it during competitive games. The weirdest spot is likely the Plaza. One of the tactifriends is sneaking under the glass floor, which is impossible to reach. It’s bulletproof and sealed tightly, so it’s a mystery how the bear got there in the first place. 

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Unlike Ascent and Icebox, where tactibears are easily visible, Pearl hides many bears in unreachable areas. Most pandas, squirrels, and plushies are snuggling under chairs, so players will have to switch to ghost mode in order to chill with them.