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Elon Musk streams Diablo 4 to more than a million viewers

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Elon Musk has taken a major step towards turning X into an “everything app” by streaming Diablo 4 for over 50 minutes.

It’s no secret that the world’s richest man is a gamer at heart. Elon Musk’s love for Overwatch and Diablo 4 isn’t hidden from the world, and now the business tycoon is sharing it with his followers by streaming on his own social media platform, X.

When Twitter underwent a rebranding, transforming into X with the ambition of becoming a microblogging site, its exact nature puzzled many. Now, Elon has taken it upon himself to demonstrate what an “everything app” looks like. His most recent gaming venture took place on X and, for the most part, was executed flawlessly.

On October 2, the Tesla owner took to X to livestream tier 69 of Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon. Besides a short troubleshooting session initially, the 52-minute long stream was breezy.

So far, he has tested live streams on two different sessions, and both looked completely different quality-wise. The first one was smooth sailing on his burner account “cyb3rgam3r420.”

However, his next stream was laden with jitters and weird visual effects. Fans pointed out that his screen was flickering, and the audio was up by 4kHz.

Elon Musk’s Diablo 4 stream hits 1M+ live viewers

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However, Elon laughed them off as issues that are easy to fix. Still, both streams were a success, hitting jaw-dropping viewer counts. Musk’s 52-minute-long broadcast on his alt-account currently boasts 1.5M views, whereas the one on his main account is at 10.5M views. The live viewer count was also through the roof, with 1.3M watching him live.

Overall, the streams were smooth for a platform that recently added live broadcasts to its features. Elon’s direct approach to ensuring smooth broadcast may actually make X a strong competitor to Twitch, a website that is currently number one in gaming streaming.

But, in its current form, X is far from competing with other websites.