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Elden Ring is once again top Twitch game after Kai Cenat beats it

By William Davis


May 18, 2024

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Elden Ring is back to being the most trending game on Twitch, thanks to Kai Cenat streaming it for a week straight. 

On May 10, Twitch’s most popular streamer, Kai Cenat, took on the challenge of beating Elden Ring on livestream. He pledged to keep his stream up until he finished the game and beat all the bosses. Since he doesn’t have a ton of experience in ARPG games, fans expected him to give up after dying a few times, but Kai Cenat has emerged victorious.

On May 17, the streamer wrapped up his Elden Ring Marathon, celebrating by lying down on the floor.

Did Kai Cenat beat Elden Ring? 

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After 167 hours of streaming and 1700 deaths, Kai Cenat finished Elden Ring on May 17. He beat all bosses on the livestream, making it a respectable feat. 

“This game is an absolute cinema. 10/10, across the board. This is my favorite game I’ve ever played on a marathon on stream,” Kai Cenat said. 

Kai Cenat faced many hurdles but managed to tackle them smoothly. However, his biggest obstacle was Malenia, Elden Ring’s most brutal boss. After struggling against her for a whole day, Kai Cenat went to sleep and returned to beat her. It still took him 30 hours to get past the Goddess of Rot, a boss only 38% of Elden Ring players have bested.

Prior to that, he was challenged by Adin Ross to beat Godfrey on the first attempt, which he did, and he won $100,000 from the kick streamer. It’s safe to say Kai Cenat’s stream was eventful and full of surprises. 

As a result, Elden Ring is now trending again in the gaming community, garnering interest from those who’d heard about the game but never given it a shot. It’s currently one of the top 5 most-watched games on Twitch

Kai Cenat, on the other hand, has now turned off his stream after a week.