Dream shares future plans to finally show his face

Olivia Richman • June 9, 2021 9:39 pm

Not a lot is known about Minecraft YouTuber Dream’s personal life. In fact, his millions of fans haven’t even seen his face. But that might change soon, according to the controversial content creator. 

In a June 8 interview with Anthony Padilla, Dream shared that his face may not remain a mystery much longer. The interview came after a lot of recent drama surrounding Dream, including his admission that he was cheating during his record-breaking Minecraft speed run and streamers facing harassment at the hands of his hardcore fanbase. 

Dream explained to Padilla that wearing a mask limits his content since he can’t “express [himself] fully.” Dream said that he couldn’t go and meet people or make TikToks. Dream added that revealing his face wouldn’t change his content but would instead “be a new chapter.” 

“The smile and the mask is all going to be a part of my brand even after the face reveal. [But now] I’ll be able to do more things I haven’t been able to do. And my goal is to take full advantage of it,” Dream said.

Dream face reveal in the works

In predictable Dream fashion, the streamer won’t just suddenly appear without a mask. Dream pictures the reveal as a major event. He would either include his friends or allow his fans to participate in some way. It might even be a meetup. But Dream noted that the face reveal “wouldn’t be the center of things” at the event. 

Padilla said that he could probably “sell out the Staple’s Center” for his face reveal, which Dream said was “self-centered.” He didn’t want to charge fans to see his face. The idea of people piling into the arena to see Dream’s face on a giant screen was an entertaining idea though. 

Why does Dream wear a mask? 

In the intimate interview, Dream told Padilla that he didn’t originally set out to always wear a mask. He wasn’t trying to purposely hide his face from fans. But he “blew up so quickly” that the mask persona took root almost by accident. It wasn’t calculated and “kind of just happened” based on community feedback and fan art creation. 

Dream told fans not to stop creating fan art of his mask once he finally showed his face. 


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