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Dream reveals how he remained anonymous for so long

By Olivia Richman


Oct 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Despite having tens of millions of fans across social media, Minecraft YouTuber Dream somehow managed to keep his face and identity hidden for years.

The Minecraft speedrunner initially spent years behind a mask, but fans were often curious about the face behind the simple smiley. There were often rumors about his identity, especially as Dream started to hint that a face reveal was coming. Now, Dream has been proudly showing his face all over the place, including his panel at TwitchCon 2022.

It’s no surprise that Dream is so happy about no longer wearing the mask. He recently opened up in an interview with Bloomberg about the crazy lengths he went to avoid getting identified.

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Dream explains how he managed to remain anonymous for years

It isn’t just his face that Dream kept a secret. His entire identity was also unknown. Even now, all that we know about Dream is that his name is Clay and he lives in Orlando, Florida.

Dream said that it’s been tough for him since 2020 when he started blowing up. He had to go to “extreme lengths” to remain anonymous despite having millions of fans. Dream would wake up, go to his computer, get off his computer to eat, get on his computer again, then “hop in bed and maybe watch TV or something.”

Basically, he felt it was “not worth” being identified, even if the chances were very low. He would even go to a different state for dentist visits. To finally get dinner and go to the movies with his mom, he had to do it in Georgia.

“I’d rather it be my mom,” Dream said.


Dream is relieved to finally be able to show his face after giving up his anonymous persona. He can now enjoy life with his friends just like everyone else, which will also be shaping his future content. Dream said in his face reveal video that he was hoping to begin vlogging.