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Dream face reveal is coming soon, when will the mask come off?

By Olivia Richman


Oct 2, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Dream has been building hype around a possible face reveal in the near future, but when will the long-awaited event actually happen?

Minecraft YouTuber Dream is known for his speedruns and his iconic mask, which he has publicly removed. His identity under the mask is currently a mystery, although the massive content creator has decided that could change sometime very soon.

Dream is one of the largest gaming accounts on YouTube with over 30.3 million subscribers. But none of these subscribers have ever seen Dream’s face. The curiosity has only grown, especially after Dream announced a face reveal back in the summer of 2021. At the time, Dream said that the mask doesn’t allow him to fully express himself and is looking at starting a new chapter of content where he shows his face.

At the time, Dream said the face reveal would be part of a bigger event.

But since then, Dream never mentioned the face reveal again. He continued to wear his mask in every video and stream, leaving his fans even more anxious about seeing what he really looks like. The Minecraft speedrunner then told fans in late September that the mask was coming off.

But then Dream kept the mask on once again. Over the weekend, Dream questioned if it was finally time to take the mask off, only to not show his face once again. At this point, tons of popular content creators had started interacting with his face reveal teasers. Antfrost said that he didn’t want to miss the reveal. Captain Puffy told fans to “wait in line” to see his face.

But Dream still kept the mask on.

Now, fans are speculating that Dream will finally show his face at Twitch Con, which is taking place on October 7 in San Diego. Others feel that Dream will reveal his face during the IRL Manhunt video, the end to one of his popular series.

While Dream has kept fans on edge, he did show his face to some close friends meanwhile. Many of the streamers have shown their reactions on Twitter, building up the hype around Dream’s possible reveal.


Most of the reactions have been that of surprise and awe. A lot of the streamers called him “handsome” and other compliments. Dream told Anthony Padilla that his face is not what anyone expected. He also said that he’s been nervous about showing his face and will have to get used to being on camera and not making awkward expressions.

For now, it’s still a mystery when Dream will show his face to the rest of his fanbase.