Dr Disespect to create “streamer’s dream games” with new studio

Kenneth Williams • August 11, 2021 12:19 am

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV is known for going above and beyond for his legendary streams. Now he’s doing the same for other streamers.

The two Time is founding a new video game development studio. The goal of the company is to work with streamers and “mega influencers” to create their dream games. An associated job posting for gaming studio head accompanied the announcement.

The new studio will be a joint effort between Dr DisRespect and esports entertainment platform BoomTV. The studio seems to be in the early planning stage as no developers or publishers have been linked to the project. An opening for a studio lead position gives more information on Dr Disrespect’s new studio.

“Dr Disrespect in partnership with BoomTV is taking on the game industry by storm and incubating a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it. The studio plans to forge a partnership with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title,” the job posting reads. 

The planned studio is an interesting mix between game development and influencer management. In addition to creating games in-house, Disrespect plans to coordinate partnerships between existing game developers and influencers. The intended scale of the company is also in flux. As more development and streaming partners are announced, the output of the company will be easier to judge.

Dr Disrespect looking for a game studio head

Along with the announcement, Dr Disrespect has issued a public call for developer applications through social media. The most prominent job posting is for a gaming studio head, who would coordinate collaborations between streamers and game development studios. Disrespect describes the job posting as a “life-changing opportunity.”

The job details reveal interesting information about the studio’s game development plans. 

It reads: “You will work within a fast-paced environment spearheading design, art, core gaming loops, meta, viral and retention loops and iterate monetization, go to market, integrated esports and influencer marketing. You will be working along with a team of smart, result-oriented high achievers who have scaled products to millions of users before, and you will be joining a proven world-class and well-funded team.”

That wording indicates the company will have a particular focus on esports and live service games. It also means that microtransactions and even free-to-play models are on the table. That last line also implies that Dr DisRespect’s studio has already acquired a sizable amount of developers. The new games studio might already be working on a debut title. What streamer collaboration would be more fitting than Dr Disrespect himself?


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