Dr Disrespect settles Twitch dispute, but will he return?

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Dr Disrespect and his infamous Twitch ban seem to have finally been resolved, but the incident still is neither forgiven nor forgotten. 

On March 10, 2022, streaming icon Dr Disrespect announced that he has finally resolved the legal dispute between himself and Twitch. This brings a conclusive, albeit unsatisfying, end to nearly two years of speculation. The announcement did not include any information about the original cause of Dr Disrespect’s ban. He also did not announce any plans to return to Twitch, where he amassed more than 4 million followers in just a few years.

Dr Disrespect announced the resolution through his official social media channels. He did not offer any comments beyond the fact that neither party admitted to any wrongdoing. The exact results of the discussion and any potential settlement remain hidden from public view. 

Dr Disrespect’s ban is possibly the most controversial penalty in the history of Twitch. The permanent ban occurred in June 2020 with no publicly stated reason. Fans have theorized about the root cause while Dr Disrespect himself has only dropped vague hints. With Dr Disrespect and Twitch finally coming to an agreement, fans may never truly know why he was banned in the first place.

Will Dr Disrespect return to Twitch?

After this announcement, fans quickly began speculating if Dr Disrespect would return to Twitch. However, in a brief addendum, the Doc announced that he will not be returning to his former home platform. Dr Disrespect’s involuntary two-year break resulted in a ton of lost money and his relocation to YouTube Gaming. The legal dispute being settled does not mean that both parties are on good terms, only that they will no longer be involved in a legal dispute.

That doesn’t mean that Dr Disrespect’s discussions with Twitch didn’t lead to anything. Under normal circumstances, Twitch personalities are not allowed to interact with or feature banned streamers on their channels. Now that the issue is resolved, it’s possible that existing Twitch streamers will be able to feature Dr Disrespect on their broadcasts. Games from Dr Disrespect’s newly-launched studio Midnight Society should also be fair game for streamers.