Doublelift hospitalized, leaving fans worried about LCS star

By Olivia Richman


Jul 23, 2023

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League of Legends veteran Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng is currently in the hospital, leaving fans worried for his health.

The 100 Thieves star has won the LCS eight times during his long career in pro League of Legends. Since he joined the LCS in 2011, Doublelift has gone through a lot of career changes, including switching teams, drama with teammates, and debating streaming over competitive play.

Through it all, Doublelift has become one of the most iconic faces of League of Legends, from North America and beyond, thanks to his strong opinions and incredible skills. It’s no wonder that fans were distraught when the big personality shared some concerning photos on Twitter.

Doublelift in hospital, admits to internal bleeding

Doublelift recently shared a series of photos that showed him in a hospital bed and wearing a hospital gown. The caption read: “Rough week.”

Fans were left wondering what happened to the pro player and his replies were flooded with questions and concern. A lot of League personalities came by to send their support and well wishes as well. Some even joked that Doublelift was just going through the usual stuff 30-year-olds deal with.

There was a lot of actual concern, however, and his girlfriend ended up filling people in on what had him hospitalized in the first place.

According to Leena, Doublelift was suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding. He had apparently been bleeding internally for almost a week.

It’s unclear what caused the internal bleeding and what made Doublelift decide to go to the hospital. But the talented player is known for his determination and grit, leaving fans confident that he will recover.

Doublelift recently came back from retirement to compete in the LCS once again. While he admitted to making more money streaming, he couldn’t fight his “competitive itch” anymore.


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